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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1981

Spanish general indicted for rebellion
Penthouse deal irks porn fighters
Proper post-bloom care can add years of floral enjoyment to bulbs
Travel budget cut, but shuttles thrive

Can the budget be balanced without milking sacred cows?

Made in USA; Is American competitiveness slipping?
Planning, Soviet style -- it's the quantity, not the quality, that counts
Zimbabwe: a test case for America
Saudi Arabia: stable, but it has an Achilles' heel
Reagan 'no friend' of S. Africa's blacks, Winnie Mandela says

You, too, can grow a potato patch over Manhattan
Iranian war of words may lead Bani-Sadr to step down
Investigation urged of crude oil trading
New towns plan hasn't solved Cairo's population surge
Antismoking issue smolders in 24 states
Atlanta crimes may be work of '8 to 10' killers
List of demands drawn up by union in Polish city
US Postal Service plans productivity leap
White House's foreign aid budget: long on guns, short on butter
A song of sleep
Cubs build young talent, now try to set a goal
Retail sales gain for ninth straight month
Exchange deal ends hijacking
US accuses Soviets of blackmail attempt
Antibusing measure upheld in California
Containing Soviet power: once again the top US prioty; US builds shield for Southwest Asia's oil
Better than the 'supply-side' way
Black Africa criticizes Reagan stand on South Africa

'The greatest works of art incorporate humor'

KGB detains dancer who came back and talked
Short life expected for new Thai Cabinet
Containing Soviet power: once again the top US priority
'As easy as falling off...
Japan reaches a turning point in advancement of nuclear power
Will Reagan open the Mexican border?

Japan plans moves to boost economy
When forgiving is difficult
What does the Navy need?
Salvador's Army draws verbal fire for role in killings
The unexpected return