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Monitor Archive for March 12, 1981

White House timetable: 'five or six months' to pass Reagan budget
Be it zany, 'bookish', or surprising, it's art of interest; Three new N.Y. exhibits
Talks defuse one strike in Poland
Cooking lessons from a book: photos do the teaching
Harlem's Jazzmobile: where learning jazz is 'as serious as your life'
New Pinochet term backed by US
Reagan public school aid formula: cut and consolidate
Britain, Guatemala settle Caribbean border quarrel
Timeless gifts
Overseas market for US lumber abounds if lumbermen can deliver
UAW to decide on move to rejoin AFL-CIO
BASEBALL; Fisk bids Boston adieu
Innovative performances at the opera
Bani-Sadr, under fire, threatens to resign
Reagan visit may inspire talks
Poland's jewel smuggling case left a trail to officials

Keeping our hearts civilian
New book celebrates women's accomplishments through history
Pakistani Cabinet reshuffle may be too little, too late to quell opposition
Militant Islam facing backlash in Middle East
Mix 'n match space suits
FOOTBALL; Broncos buck into new era
Basketball playoff flurry -- shock on football front
Kenya-India trade and aid relations flourish to benefit of both nations
A taste for inflation
Accountant's assessment of Capitol Hill tax trends
Californians press interior secretary on oil lease policy
Middle East: prelude to a Haig tour
Foolproof recipe for Bearnaise sauce
The Poet Sleeps

After years of affluence, Scandinavians lower sights
Kemp: 'hot' GOP politician
Moscow's 'winning streak,' continued
Why Soviets tiptoe in Latin America
On the track of adventure
Beefing up manpower
Hamilton-Santee figure skating rivalry over, or is it?
God calls us to Him
Betty Sherrill: decorating with restraint, quality, good taste
'Eyewitness': good, but overlong; worthy independent film series
European armsmakers aim for third world
REfugees from Ethiopian forced-labor farms flood Sudan
Germany defends latest trims in defense spending
Lessons from the HOSTAGES
Rees-Mogg looks at The Times of today -- and tomorrow
Meatballs can be on the menu when cooking for a crowd
Golan annexation voted down in Israel
Prince Edward Island seal slaughter canceled
Study says US political step could thwart Soviets
Letter from Warsaw; No chocolate, little meat, many voices for change
El Salvador junta rejects OAS mediation
Gas stations of future will be scarce and you'll serve yourself
Ethiopian refugees: coming home to indoctrination
A lot of the push is in grip of ski poles