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Monitor Archive for March 10, 1981

Fish exporting fights rough waters
Executives question tax priorities
It's business almost as usual in tense El Salvador
'Friendly' governments shop Itek for high-tech wares
Uncertainty for Warsaw Pact; Polish Army: how loyal -- and to whom?
Islands are born
Reagan vs. environmentalists: first puff of smoke in clean air battle
Florida's polo country: "This is a fantasy world"
Moscow's 'winning streak'
Marching coal miners epitomize human problems of budget cutting
Is the MX necessary?
New USDA budget: treading minefield between consumers and farmers
Skyrocketing growth spells new challenges for Wang
Technology, skills put Boston on a one-way street -- up
Taipei art: bringing the past to life
Rain helps parched wheat fields, low reservoirs, but more needed
A stay in an American paradise ST. JOHN
The many masks of modern art
Reagan takes Ottawa by surprise
Lowell leads the way in job search
Oil use cuts lead US in energy savings
Pakistan okays assault on jet hijackers
US military advisers in San Salvador find press is the greatest threat
Agriculture could be hurt; Exotic birds: report cites dangers of imports
Rehabilitation puts a new lilt in old streets
Mutual fund for bonds also caters to small investors
Few surprises expected in Reagan's formal budget
Commonwealth chops away at 'Taxachusetts' image
Knowledge jobs take lead in state economy
Indiana slayer dies in the electric chair
A computer stitched up those fancy cowboy boots
Denver mutual fund charts steady course through fiscal seas
Nina Schneider; Late-blooming novelist finds that ripeness is all
NAACP mounts drive against cuts in programs
Boston banks keep trade lanes open
Factories where everybody wins
Gamesmakers leap nimbly into electronics era
Complaining doesn't help
Quick draw zaps sea law panel
Defections erode strength of Thai Communists
Task force to urge voluntary quotas on autos
Mondale in '84: he may run if Jimmy Carter doesn't
Shortsighted seamanship
Cut in interest rates expected in Britain
E. Africa drought threatens many with starvation
Massachusetts skills mean quality in Britain
Six oil nations plan Gulf area common market
Computerized laser swiftly carves circuits for microchips
Court skips parental rights case
Egypt and Israel scowl at each other but are pledged to keep peace process going
The gold mutuals -- a gentler slide
Schools become high-tech resource
King assesses his 'pro-people' Bay State governorship
Watt takes issue with US rules on strip mining
Iraq to resume oil exports via pipeline across Syria
Midsummer strike by postal unions?
Bay State firms could gain from more defense spending
Why Jaeger is a winner
Reagan fires second budget salvo from Rose Garden
Money funds for retirement planning
Iran leaves door ajar for more peace negotiations with Iraq
A surprise called 'high tech'