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Monitor Archive for February 5, 1981

Sheikh Yamani explains why Saudis must charge less for oil than Arab neighbors
Justice Department follows growing trail of illicit highway contracts; many states consider higher gas taxes as roads seriously deteriorate; Inflate...
Art that is small, intimate, and black and white
MISCELLANEOUS; Some random thoughts
Court win gives red-faced Trudeau a break
Body-gauging gadget helps athletes -- and insurance firms
Maryland is suing Agnew for alleged bribe money
Neutron bomb: Europe surprised
Poland: leaders split as strikes simmer
Reagan agricultural pledges: Tough row to hoe
Iran assails France, Arabs, charging secret aid to Iraq

Ethiopian dissidents step up guerrilla war in northern Tigre Province
Can recycling posts a big oil saving
Hollywood: fancy films and finances
Kremlin still covets 'bushels' of detente
Middle East: the Reagan round
Mayors hope if one federal hand takes, another will give
Washington, Europe try to forestall a lurch by Greece toward neutralism

Mrs. Thatcher sends signals of flexibility, but not a basic shift, in policy
Mrs. Dwyer on trial in Tehran
Illegal heroin sales soar in US and Western Europe
You can say that again

Enchantment in the ordinary
What really satisfies?
US is reported planning to sell F-16s to S. Korea
The French are shaking up old notions of what a film is
Justice Department follows growing trail of illicit highway contracts; many states consider higher gas taxes as roads seriously deteriorate; Courts...
No water bills in the mail -- with computer dunning
Unions say, 'Give us more control over those huge pension funds'
Idaho unafraid of nuclear power: It wants costly new breeder reactor
The wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop
Basque parliament ejects radicals, cheers King
US companies up prices of gas, heating oil
Midwest industrialists hopeful but wary about Reagan economic plans
US recovery slowest since World War II
Advertising and the Lolita image
Thrifty tips to save money
Homemaker helps others win the shopping game
40 states plan to up gas tax for roadwork
Austin, Texas: Storehouse of British culture
Deaver: sets presidential pace
China showing hesitation in open-door trade policy
Afghan rebels raid area where Soviet families live

Gulf lands plan joint effort to foster regional security
No next-year repeats popping up among pro basketball champs
Delicate and elegant appetizers made with puff pastry
Budgent cuts -- smoothing the way on Capital Hill
Union talks break down in Polish industrial area
'Who Will Fight for America?': a look at the military manpower problem
The homeless; 'They are not irrecoverable'
Bigger US troop role likely under Reagan Mideast policy
FOOTBALL; The Class of '81
Casinoizing America
Managua orders diplomats home from San Salvador
Simon sees US fielding its 'greatest ever' Olympic teams
The derailing of SALT II: another curve in the path to arms control?
Democratic leaders quietly draft blueprints for party resurgence
Illinois Senate on horns of a two-party dilemma
Fight crime by freeing prisoners
A Norwegian first
Nothing is lighter than a French cheese souffle
FOOTBALL; Rulemaker's take standpat stance
Is this movie killing people?