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Monitor Archive for February 25, 1981

Reagan plan: speed seen in Senate, lag in house
New offshore discoveries make US phosphate-rich
GM orders 6 million units back; 2nd largest recall
How China's leaders are taking a chapter out of the Polish textbook
A wealth of sources on saving energy
US school principals optimistic they're getting grip on problems
Solus, Solari
Tel Aviv stock siege plays up role of capitalism
Britain hangs on to tradition with a stiff upper lip
IRS handling autoworkers' tax protest circumspectly
S. Africa confederacy plan denied
Women's marathon added to Los Angeles Olympics
Reagan transit plans put new luster on 'paratransit'
Latin America backs US aid to El Salvador after expose
Longtime English antiques dealer turns to Americana
Abortive Putsch gives boost to Spanish democracry
New Falkland Islands talks
Reagan wants to double Navy shipbuilding
Watch the variables for skiing 'in comfort'
Peru is backed on issue of site of new clashes
The lady says yes
Any place is fine with him
Prince Charles ends his royal hunt for a princess
Prayer and the mechanical mind
'Mary Stuart' well acted, but dry
An Afrikaner who wants to be South Africa's Ronald Reagan
Worth a thousand words -- and more
Disarm or face horrors of A-war, Pope warns
Kania, visiting Moscow, pledges quiet in Poland
Poland's 'revolution in slippers'
Reagan and the 50 governors: what price budget cooperation?
Collectibles -- what does it take to use them as a foil for inflation?
Spain's unbowed democracy
Tar belt oil in Venezuela could be like 'open sesame'
Yes-and-no merits of 'trickle down' economics
Asimov's travels with Gulliver; The Annotated Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift. Edited and with biographical introduction and notes by Isaac As...
AT&T faces antitrust trial as settlement time nears
Artist creates one-of-a-kind clothes from hand-painted silk
Mandlikova rides finesse to No. 5 in world tennis
This policeman is art detective and artist, too!
Scots riled as joblessness grows
Double glazing best with glass or plastic
How 'summit' response affects US allies, Poland
Clues about Mayans from El Mirado hills
Radical leftists voted out in Kuwait's new Assembly
Public funding -- one way to give political campaigns back to people
Job sharing vs. joblessness
Human rights: will Reagan learn from Congress?
Media hype boosts occultism
'Still Life': its anguish fails to move
Libyan presence in Chad gives neighbors the jitters
Arts groups' efforts to keep US funding: just the first act
US, Europe welcome Soviet desire to continue SALT
Australian teen's first novel is winning readers 90 years later; My Brilliant Career, by Miles Franklin. New York: St. Martin's Press. $9.95
How Haig sees it
Libya-Syria unification: one more flight of Qaddafi's fancy?
Bad book on atomic spying is still good reading; The Atom Bomb Spies, by H. Montgomery Hyde. New York: Atheneum. $14.95
Keeping house warm -- for less -- takes some figuring
Ugandan fighting drives refugees to the Sudan
Riding the budget like a hero
Spain emerges shaken but intact