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Monitor Archive for February 23, 1981

A good response
No change to these shores
Argentina denies report it's on verge of A-bomb
Soviets irked by US-Norway agreement
American concertgoers cock ears to the past and go for baroque
College bound -- what is a financial aid package?
Calling all talented community folks
Capital gingerly picks up President's economic gauntlet; Most opposition in Congress centers on personal tax cut
An Australian coal rush is on, with visions of oil from liquefaction

UN envoy leaves Iran; Tehran adamant on war
Foreign aid: the belt is too tight
Reagan may not be riding tall in West after all
Horne excels in 'L'Italiana'
Energetic cast fails to redeem wordy, wearying Buchner play
Swedes who once fought to free pornography now fight against it
Thus is friendship
Patience and purpose
Police-and-student clashes spread through Pakistan
Bomb rocks Radio Free Europe headquarters
Q&A: What supply-side economics is all about
Immigration reform: waiting for manana?
Three books, one new university, and 286,000 students; At home or abroad: fun summer jobs
Mom knows kids can't wait while she winds down after work
Flexibility -- key to Hong Kong's educational success
After Poland, who's next for internal reform -- Romania?
Raid on an underwater treasure
Don't let working women down
Using memorabilia to enliven junior high history classes
Capital gingerly picks up President's economic gauntlet; Analysts begin to probe plan for potential weak spots
W. Germans vow to share any extra NATO burden
Boys' clubs teach more than athletics
Wrong signal on Chile
'I think (and write in a journal), therefore I am'
'Girls' rules' played in Iowa spark basketball brouhaha
Disciple of basic stock values sees broad advance
Should all school programs include an Outward Bound?
College doors open
Extra! Extra! Read all about H.S. journalists -- their computers and mini-cameras
Three books, one new university, and 286,000 students; Students from abroad keep on coming
Reagan's foreign policy blitz: shaking up the diplomats
Moscow's mission in the Middle East -- keeping up with Uncle Sam
Turkey frees 4 Americans for transfer to US prisons
S. Africa's white rulers plan new 'confederation'
Border dispute heats up between Ecuador, Peru
Auto-imports flap complicates US-Japan summit
Reagan's first month
Opposing views on Palestine: independence coming nearer or further off than ever?
Second R assessed again and again found faltering
Reagan team breaks ice on Chile, saying 'What's the use of sanctions?'
A school for students who need a home away from home
Spain's Calvo Sotelo has trouble filling prime minister's shoes
'Every day in junior high was a day of humor . . .'
Pope's visit to Philippines may edge open the door to China
You can take a trip to Mexico and learn a thing or two!
Grounding the traveling bureaucrat
Salvadorans arrest ex-junta man
Automakers look to Washington to rev up sales
New Zealand's Book House bustles with readers
Arms exports soar while Sweden (officially) tries to curb sales
Moscow takes its hot rumors with aplomb
Zimbabwe Army begins disarming guerrillas
When she speaks people listen -- and watch
W. Europe readying second, more specific, Mideast plan
Britain battles to boost defense -- and trim the budget
US industry unready for '40s-type war effort
Three books, one new university, and 286,000 students; japan starts new international university
Church council raps Reagan plan