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Monitor Archive for February 2, 1981

Krugerrand again top seller
Waiting for Mister Fix-It
Soviets on terrorism: US calling kettle black
'Ordinary People' wins extraordinary acclaim
Some stock splits bring joy, but the outlook is restrained
Enjoying a 'rediscovery'
In Baghdad, war means cutting hair by candlelight
Yosemite bears learn manners
Peru-Ecuador war: oil at issue?
Umbrian painters
Sweet endings that are light on butter, cream, and your budget
"Macbeth" the hard way: Caldwell directs Shakespeare
Why Spain's Premier Suarez quit
Chinese backs US ties -- with no Taiwan shift
Morning fog
Exxon set to produce oil from Santa Barbara field
Getting students to memorize -- with ease
Off and running; The Reagan team and American business, too
Italy orders credit curbs to help control inflation
Creative cooks choose butternut squash for color, flavor
White House scenario unfolds to rescue deflated US dollar
Financing reported hurting EC attempt to help Poles
Our own landscapes
'All's well that ends well' at Wells; Especially a gas well
Call for US allies in Europe to act in unison
Western Canada again looks at slurry pipelines
Invincible motherhood
French Mirage jets will bolster Iraq's armed forces in war with Iran
Mozambique raid shows S. Africa ready to strike guerrillas abroad
Exquisite Italian dishes are easy on the food budget
'Macbeth' the hard way: Caldwell directs Shakespeare
Haig picks 'old pros' at State; diplomats cheer, right wing boos
With whisk in hand, make a quiche
Reading, writing, arithmetic -- and swimming
The Poet
Poland's workers win best deal yet in East Europe
For fresh winter vegetables, try carrots and rutabaga
Swiss youth and police in new confrontations
Hall of Famer Rob gibson glances at yesteryear
How to beat high food prices when the table's set for two
Off and running; The Reagan team . . .
Vegetable recipes to delight the gardener-cook
Noodles of all shapes and sizes
Reagan budget-cutters battle 'iron Triangle'
The President's first team
Ingenuity is an ingredient in making homemade soup
Behold, the balloon man cometh
Leftist youth demonstrations ruffle West German cities
Vietnam vets feel 'left out' by hostage homecoming
Valuing volunteers: tips to make life easier fo coaches, troop leaders
Wake up to a breakfast of hot pancakes and maple syrup
Most business leaders opposed to US bailouts
Gulf accused of failing to report reservation oil
The Thatcher-Reagan wavelength
Soviets told they need new internal passports
Reagan, Congress: on same economic wave length?
Harlem's Studio Museum: the tricky business of identifying new talent
Reagan appointments can turn NLRB right
Chun asks UN chief to prod Pyongyang
Kremlin directs its sternest warnings at Poland rather than Reagan