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Monitor Archive for February 13, 1981

Rain keeps falling down the chimney
Changing of the guard
Kremlin divulges a letter to US
Why are Israeli pilots such hotshots?
Renault bringing a best seller from France to US
Saudi aim: become main US ally and No. 1 in Gulf
A California law school cleared of reverse bias
Panama treaty success story
British ready for new center party
Ways to refinish knotty pine paneling
Lillian Gish -- from silent films to TV specials
Japan's 'paper-tiger' self-defense
Hong Kong cashes in on China's economic open-door policy
Nonaligned parley strives to frame a note of unity
Murder charges piling up in Yorkshire Ripper case
US offshore drilling plan draws California protest
Outgoing EPA official sees no environmental defeat in Reagan election
Postmaster: we need a good 20-cent letter

Reagan: the unfinished chapter
Chinese vice-chairman says Hua remains No. 1
"Parting Shots" may not be title of Jody Powell's new book, but some people wouldn't blame him if it were.
Reagan plans cloud US future in synfuels
Europe no longer waits for Washington's nod
Stern Khomeini attack on clergy
Farming interests worry that Reagan budget cuts may pose a threat to America's topsoil.
Factional fighting flares up in Zimbabwe; Reagan and Africa: opportunities and pitfalls
Korea welcomes Chun like a king, assures him term as president
Cukes by the square foot -- a gardener tells how
US storming the ski circuit
In battle to save US farmlands, legal ground is being won
Choose that tree and its site carefully before planting
Nonaligned want a $300 billion slice of pie
Murdoch taking over at Times Newspapers
Most signs point to Giscard victory -- but just barely
Critics of zigzag US economic policy taking heart
New towers on Puget Sound; Downtown Seattle catches brass ring of a building boom
Blotting out the past
Choice is between plantings and sewers
Primer for survival
Operator error blamed in A-plant mishap at TVA
Factional fighting flares up in Zimbabwe; Clash of Mugabe, Nkomo groups threatens stability
Polish soldier-premier acts quietly but firmly
You haven't heard the last of the Ronald Reagan-Taiwan issue.
British hang on in tug of war over Canada's Constitution
My russky valentine
Puerto Rican Guerrillas convicted in bomb attacks
First steps toward living easily and comfortably in a new condominium
Cut taxes for investors, too
First steps toward living easily and comfortably in a new condominium; Planning plays a part in any move to a condo
Peeling paint caused by poor surface work
From the Great Karoo
China after normalization: undercurrents of dissent
Compromise clears way for drilling for Michigan crude
Capitol Hill backs quietly away from 'reforms' of 1970s

A potential friend
Busboy held without bail in fatal Las Vegas fire
Anaconda, Montana: a 'company town' that has lost the company
There's a bit of deja vu in store for Los Angeles voters.