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Monitor Archive for February 12, 1981

RKO TV license case heads for federal court
Mrs. Dwyer returns home from Iranian imprisonment
Economic uncertainties
Panama Canal locked into success under shared US-Panama control
Israelis land 1-2 punch along Lebanese coast
Washington flip-flops

Rising price index 'cut' executive salaries
New main dishes for a change in menus
Films from Poland that mirror today's headlines
US auto imports predicted to fall to 15% in 15 years
Veal dishes, nutty cheeses among the Alpine pleasures
The Year of the Disabled
Is there a 'consistency gap' in Reagan foreign policy?
'With Ossie & Ruby': full of creative surprises
What's the purpose of Christian Science?
BASKETBALL; Neutralizing the dunkers
How Jerry Brown envisions 'investing in the future'
Egypt, Israel swap eggs, tourists, but normalization moves slowly as Nile
US Ambassador to Algeria
Polish leader OK'd -- in uniform
Study cites 46 abuses; 'Wasted' dollars at Pentagon: How much will Reagan save?
Argument begins over 'risks' in Reagan economic, energy policies
Convicted murderer gets a stay in Louisiana
Sailors are home free wih bargain from overseas, thanks to US Navy
Personal bankruptcy soared in '80
Mary Alice Williams; Heading the controls at New York cable news
Lack of discipline in Poland irritates Soviet citizens;
US bar unit picks woman for board of governors
TELEVISION; NBC takes a bow
Lack of discipline in Poland irritates Soviet citizens.
US ousts Cuban official on 'Pied Piper' charge
Conventioneers to come with $13 billion to spend
Everyone's at home on the range
Israelis scent problems ahead on final pullout from Sinai Peninsula
Singapore waters its Chinese roots
Syrian-Jordanian split grows with another recall

Metric advances by centimeters
Argentina, Chile face off again
Aluminum can recycling surges
The many masks of modern art
Consumers' view of Reagan will form at gas pump, supermarket
Solar's bright promise: some corporate second thoughts
That George Shearing jazz magic
Jerusalem artichokes good for winter salads and soups
Guard dogs: a sheep's best friend
Fratianne misses Olympic thrills but enjoys new career
Military reform: a substitute for mirrors
A vision like no one else's about how people and things relate
Solar's bright promise: some corporate second thoughts
Chrysler workers may usher in era of 'realistic' labor negotiations in auto, related industries
Villella: Teaching by surprise
Egyptian leader's peace ploy; Sadat to trump Israel with 'European card'?
The other 'returnees'
Citizens can stop smut
US says bids flow in for petroleum reserve
South Koreans go to polls in vote that favors Chun
Allen comes up fast on the tennis tour
W. German Chemical giants in flux
This town likes being over a barrel
Antiques expert says learn before you buy
Expert editors hone everything from novels to business reports
Win someone's heart with a cheesecake
Hilton fire renews quest for better high-rise safety