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Monitor Archive for December 7, 1981

Syria's Assad maneuvers for a principal role in a Mideast settlement
The taste for scandal
Big rise in private gifts
Some S. Africans thought 'coup' in islands was duty
'It is an achievement for them to get through the week'
Waldheim caught in US-Sino cross fire
Sudan needs butter more than guns
S. African rebels armed by Soviets, paper says
Global Education; THE LAND
Cadette Girl Scouts, survival, and the Green Berets
How today's jobless scene differs from '30s
Awareness (and a knot or two) is the primary product
Brazil's bustling maritime industry threatened by cut in state subsidy
S. Africans question government's denial of role in Seychelles coup
Mubarak sets out to tackle Egypt's economy
Soviet satellite-killer looms large
White House staff: under Reagan's magnifying glass
Some denizens of Wall Street offices now settle nearby
Hispanic court cases: the verdict is all in the translation
Join the technological revolution
US college aid cuts mean foreign students get less
PLO extends its $114 million-social affairs arm
An Olympic coach skates rough ice at the Rangers
Global Education; THE OCEANS
Secret plan for Irish unity is alleged by British MP
Ways to turn back the nuclear tide
Somalia peeved about 'slow' pace of US military aid
Shift on Alaskan pipeline could raise US fuel bills
Preteen girl is accepted for admission to Oxford
Good management can extend the lifetime of Christmas toys
Education EQUALS equalizer

Allen's security tenure - it's still insecure
S. African black 'homelands' not developing as intended
Norway keeps an eye on Soviet oil rigs in Barents Sea
A Suite of Dances for the Voice
A dramatic flight through the decades with the New York City Ballet
What a pork chop did for an English-lit major at Earlham
Rebuilding cities after disasters
'The Next Wave' - exotic sounds in Brooklyn
Sakharov's new ordeal
Sagebrush rebellion becomes a legal 'shoot-out' in Rangely, Colo.
Sakharov's hunger strike: the Kremlin cares, Muscovites shrug
Top-level NATO meeting may reaffirm missile plan
40 years and counting
How an open school made it and made it and . . .
Redistricting 'stew' - politicians, judges stir things up
Global Education; Outerspace

Down is up; skating, opera are in
Our shrinking - and expanding - world
THWARTING TERRORISM; Controversial guidelines give CIA, FBI a freer rein
Some resources for schools re: global ed
A high-schooler can learn a lot from college coach
'Handicap' is 'challenge' to Roger Crawford
'The lake is quiet now. The woods are still. Embers . . .'
Outsider's view of Reaganomics: a grim forecast
Psst, hot violins - no strings attached
New Teapot Dome scandal: tip of growing US oil-theft problem
Merits of British-French tunnel disputed
Look to the rose
Are you seeking?
'The Consciousness of the Healing Christ'; John A. Grant of Oakland, California, lectures in The Mother Church
The world's languages are expanding while contracting
Snowstorm strands 3,000 on island off Cape Cod
Freedom of speech isn't free
In Thailand, reforms in the sciences preceeded changes in the arts
Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941; A reporter remembers . . .
Liberals likely to yield budget ground again
Turkey challenges its illegal opium industry