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Monitor Archive for December 31, 1981

Sanctions could complicate US-Europe relations
The eve
Reacting to Poland -- why Bonn plays it cooler than US
Saving tomorrow's children
Interfaith committee helps town residents
January -- the art of starting over
Rate hike to help pay for Three Mile Island cleanup
Reagan tax cuts are 'too big,' says former Nixon economist
Meet the Lutz beet (you'll like it)
Olivia de Havilland: the view from France
More people detained in coup attempt in Dominica
Sanctions: symbol or substance?
Journey to Afghanistan
Next door a quiet balm
Mini recipes

A New Year's of the heart
Blue ribbons -- symbols of sympathy for Poles
Sudan's Nimeiry seeks to link African and Arab worlds
US budget cuts: good for colleges?
Chinese culinary skill: swinging noodles
Thomas Hart Benton, a champion of American regional art
Remove old finish down to bare wood and then repaint or varnish
Countering the Begin strategy

Percy talks in secret with 3 Palestinian leaders
Where Soviets will feel sanctions

China, USSR may resume talks on border dispute
Ask God for money?
Mystery in hand
Congress losing inflation's help in overspending habit
Director Sydney Pollack
Self-built housing in China
Oil talks showdown could signal labor fireworks in '82

Walesa-Jaruzelski talks in limbo?
Police seize rare-species skins in luxury stores
Ultimate secret in European pastry -- make small amounts
Advice for the gardener -- through the centuries
By Poland sends 'liberal' to woo W. Germans
For some, the Rose Parade is a 365-day occupation
When movies bite off more than they can chew . . .
Pick up a floral bouquet for the home and make it last
A variation of scalloped potatoes
Red Brigades: out of ideological fuel, with few sympathizers left
Bulgaria: Western accents in everything but politics
First-timers find a way to buy a house in tough market
US high court gets Mobil plea to acquire Marathon
Mitterrand loses some battles in war on unemployment.
Arabs see Israel, Gulf crises as tied
Moving an antique house board by board? No sweat
Slapping a lid on winter
Mubarak party wins 2 of 3 special elections in Egypt
The world in 1982: a forecast
Removing stains from terrazzo floor: do not use product with acid base
Low on snow? One ski area tries plastic
Groups set 'safety first' as theme for New Year's Eve
Soviets allowed fewer Jews to emigrate in 1981
Iraq says 2 Israeli jets driven off by Iraqi aircraft
Soup and sandwich, another variation
Community housing for senior citizens. New Canaan may set model for other towns
Soviet view of 1981: 'a year without dialogue'
US helping hand extends to Poles
Social Security dips a bit deeper into paychecks
The peevish red of a skeptical sniff
Electronic mail: neither rain, snow, nor computer error . . .