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Monitor Archive for December 30, 1981

After op-ed, NOP-ed!
Typhoon Lee prompts Philippines emergency
Buyers 'flocking' to Rolls-Royce with investment in mind
Picking the right cross-country ski for you
AFL-CIO to Reagan: get tougher on Polish situation
McEnroe, Evert Lloyd top world tennis rankings
Japanese defense: 'a sound beginning'
Syria, Kuwait join in effort to halt Iran-Iraq war
Note to our readers
New York Mayor Koch joins in criticism of Reagan - but in a 'civil' way
Budget cuts squeeze scientific research
Pigeon in winter
Polish deadlock: neither side dares bend
Finding right tax accountant can save money now - and later
China wants US to clarify arms sales to Taiwan
It's not the end of the line
Fashion advice for men: no flared pants or white vinyl belts
Decline in US economic indicators slows down
Fun and games come to American art - and high time
Symbols of a wider world
The economics of the slave trade
Special prosecutor named in Donovan allegations
The many masks of modern art
Americans still 'wait and see' on Reagan
Solar energy gets a new 'lease' in Oceanside, Calif.
Soviets won't admit suicides occur but Moscow gets 'hot line' anyway
Reagan signs $200 billion bill for US defenses
FBI discovers an increase in terrorist-linked incidents
Delightfully unpredictable Agatha Christie whodunit
Syria wants Arab moderates to wave hard-line banner at a new summit
Research aboard space shuttle - equipment costs less
Moral Majority plea goes unheeded by Vermonter
Long-isolated Angola reaches out to black neighbors
Proust: the revised translation
Behind the differing Western views of the Polish crisis
Loveliness of winter
What is money? Don't ask a banker who has to count it

Saudis have low crime rate, but they take it seriously
Ancient China sheds 'light' on a red star
'St.' was all the difference between sun and snow
Japan helps others to help - Japan
More strain for Soviet economy
Over black ice on Tilly's Lake
Handmade in Williamsburg
US urged to open borders to refugee Poles
Reaganomics '82
US, Italy: no negotiations with Red Brigades
As Reagan pledges rights to states, Hill trims them
Sports and their impact on society: two views
Pro basketball's Blazers - the pride of Portland
Propane cars joining Ford's '83 lineup

Oil companies: results not rhetoric