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Monitor Archive for December 3, 1981

Habib meets Syrian leader amid Arab protest on pact
Oil 'glut' could vanish when economic slump ends
Moscow isn't smiling at Finland's presidential front-runner
Home builders map cost cutting
A 'French chef' among painters
'Mr. Donut goes home to lead Cambodia's new third force
Long-hidden details found in 'Last Supper' reworking
Recent elections reveal an emerging women's bloc
Choose a book for the cook on your Christmas list

Met to air 'Tosca' on radio: lots of releases to use for comparison
Fishing: the drive to be 'cod king' of the world
Traditional plum pudding is a must for the holidays
A better battery for electric cars? Think plastic!
Dimensions of silence
Offshore riches: bubble, bubble, oil and trouble
A 51-year-old mascot - he's in the lineup
An 'Oink' on the radio? It's Santa Catalina pigs
US mayors are wary of 'new federalism'. Many applaud Reagan goals, but are concerned about impact of dismantling social programs
Vive le fast-food croissant
Bargaining rights given to workers handling confidential data
US gets half a loaf on Nicaragua
Year of the Pitcher sets the theme in baseball honors
Doors closed to murder trial in Egypt's 'national interest'
Britain and racial justice
Mobil-Marathon outcome may shape oil industry future
A conversation with Paul Newman
Democrats' gloom lifts as they eye '82 House races
White florets in a cauliflower soup
Casey 'not unfit,' Senate panel says
Should US information broadcasts be more 'combative'?
South Africa frees several after Seychelles coup try
Sweet are the waters
Small computers gaining
How South Africa and Israel are maneuvering for the bomb
In search of buried bounty: metal detector hobby grows
Busting a strike in Poland
Plenty of trees, water, and minerals beyond the oil
Afghan gunships strafe Pakistan
Chad struggles to rebuild jigsaw peace
European unity marches on - despite London summit
Britain's new party gains 25th seat in Parliament
A Soviet Soldier's Lot; Reports Of Hunger, Crulity, Drunkenness Filter Back To West
Deng directs attack at Chinese leftists
A well-played hand
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Textile Maestro; Jack Lenor Larsen Weaves His Way From Airline Seats to Silk
Reagan tries to close a deep rift with labor
'Christmas blues': a myth debunked
Why US friends feel treated like enemies
Businesses downsize auto fleets
Oil-pipe dreams in Canada's 'pauper province'
Williams says Abscam lag will let him ready defense
Crackdown on Basque terror yields results
The nation's homeless; Will we make room for them?
True-life stories: it doesn't take much to qualify
Tehran says Iraqi planes attacked residential areas
Space Agency weighs unmanned 'freighters'
New Publishing Society Trustee
Assault puts Solidarity on guard
Casting Ciskei out of South Africa
Muldoon squeaks by in New Zealand election
Moving forward with God's help
How to outdrive a terrorist; Beware of Vans, and Leatn to Make A 'Bootleg' Turn
Cruise missile quandary: How many, where?
An arbitrator looks at the air controllers
The buying of America
Quiet St. John's girds for a boom
Is Fed too tight on credit policy?