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Monitor Archive for December 29, 1981

Poland violating human rights pact, officials say
Jury panel of 700 called for Wayne Williams trial
Waldheim's stewardship
Uncle Sam keeps the wolf from Israel's door
Reagan's squeeze on small business
Looking beyond our fences
Redemptive rebel, E. E. Cummings
A political novel emerges from China
First US 'test tube' baby born at Norfolk, Va.
Enter 1982; The goal of peace . . .
Strawberry Shortcake dolls, profitable dessert for retailers
San Francisco transit: good when it works
Effective new Broadway roles for Roy Dotrice, Anne Bancroft
French Universities; Less protest and a lot more study
Walesa named Time's Man of the Year
...and progress
Some companies may put annual reports on TV
British engineering in Latin America
Percy breaks ice in talks with Israeli officials
How one Houston oilman views the energy crisis
court says LSD victim waited too long to sue
100 Haitians flee US holding camp in melee
Lawyers' panel endorses 'preventive detention'
On the 12th day of Christmas . . . Spain celebrates
A setback, for now, for SE Asian pirates
Chartres Cathedral; A window on the Middle Ages
Cross-country skiing in W. Germany's wonderland
North Korean war games put US units on alert
Photo purports to show Dozier with Red Brigades
The Orient Express soon to roll again
Iowa football: roses after long drought
Warsaw says miners quit sit-in
Ms. magazine 10 years later: readership continues to build
Sinai settlers vote to seek greater pay for leaving
Reagan's Soviet policy: mixing hardball, soft sell
Republican hopes for control of House are dimmed
High airfares in W. Europe spark protest
Japan ready to hike arms budget by 7.7%
EEC taking environmental impact into account as it dishes out aid
Beneath a wandering moon
Sizing up the Met's up-and-down season so far
Reagan said to consider tax on imported oil
Clearing the air
A special flag for that special constituent
Kerosene heaters: safer, but only when used as directed
Brown: Reagan uniquely situated to stop arms race
241 cities try to reeducate Americans on littering
Duet for One
The demographic touch: will '80s decade be golden?

Angolans begin to ask just what Cuban soldiers are doing for them
Community groups join with Peace Corps to build schools