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Monitor Archive for December 28, 1981

Did the general mean it?
Meredith Monk: a multimedia trip through American myth and history
Morning walk in autumn
Israeli settlers angrily protest compensation
Wall Street resolutions for '82
Community Colleges still a bargain
With or without ERA
Guerrillas kill policeman in S. Africa attack
My Favorite Animals of the Galapagos
Military's A-waste - a growing problem
A good teacher has enthusiasm, concern, and a sense of humor
Now it's your turn to take a bite
Aboard my ark
Calm follows turbulence in South Korea
East Europe watches Poland
ERA leaders map plans for 2-front battle

France evens up book-copy prices
'ABC Closeup's' look at the other Japan
The vice-president talks politics

US officials: Soviets might still intervene
How Yugoslavs fight Europe's highest inflation
What economic statistics mean to you and your wallet
Bahamian banks thrive on tax shelters, political uncertainty
Bush woos - and wins - many in GOP right wing
Fighting the battle of Ulster in America: Protestants follow IRA tactic
Mubarak orders release of 39 more prisoners
Helping hand for San Francisco's tired cable cars
Trend of the economy
Israel girds for fight to annex the West Bank
Austria opens other doors for would-be Polish refugees
Grass-roots effort to stop arms race
The little big-bang theory of war
Study looks back at schooling some 20 years later
Cherishing the differences in children places different meaning on 'fair'
Some refugee Cubans in US may need health care
'Something for the Boys': lively Porter revival
Grain bought by Soviets slowed by port delays
Shaded solar collector? There ought to be a law, but usually there isn't
What comes after Poland's martial law
German rocketmaker halts operations in Libya
Poland's radio link to West threatened
Let's get New Year's Eve back - on real-time radio
Biggest hits, biggest flops of Broadway '81 season
Artists contribute more than time
Children helping children: UNICEF's theme for a better world
The Soviet Union - the last empire?
If it has to do with baseball, Danny Goodman sells it
Dozier kidnapping shows Italy far from eradicating terrorism
Scenes of 'real life' - full of life

Atop the Golan Heights - calm in the storm's eye
Charity next year, too
Afghan resistance spells long Soviet Army vigil
China revives Mao political tenet
When father comes
Iran seeks to delay debt payments to US

Dominion over accidents