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Monitor Archive for December 24, 1981

Whatever else you cultivate, don't forget compost
Forecasting pro football playoffs a very risky business
Bring a Florentine elegance to the festive holiday season
Christmas Questions
Buildings as storytellers; 'Inlaid box' vs. a candy box
No layoff for job training
'Magazine' in video form probes FCC, other industry issues
No buyers for home, it's now essay contest prize
Chinese make partial bow to Chinese-American food
'Tis the season
Polish church leaders try to defuse crisis, salvage 'dialogue'
Reagan orders surplus cheese given to needy
US judge rebuffs ERA extension
A Glory to be shared
Son of ex-ruler of Liberia disappears from prison
Names in our stocking
1981: the powers that tie down the superpowers
'Summer Solstice' may look idyllic . . .
An optimistic Turkey moves closer to democracy?
Business finds 'please don't smoke' is profitable
Moisture that enters double-glazed window
Outside insulation
The Met's 'Boheme' - a la Zeffirelli
The next among the nine
'Whose Life Is It, Anyway?'
Ex-hostage Moorhead Kennedy; A year of freedom, a quest for peace
Rehabilitation of historic buildings gets a major lift from new, better federal tax credits
Peking sees prospects for detente with India
Weathermen leader freed after 11 months in prison
Blood Wedding'
Labor secretary invites investigation
At last - why not a school for peace?
After one year - Reagan policies unwavering
Bells without words
Onions may make cooks weep, but there's no tears to growing them
Plump, sweet prunes for breakfast, desserts
British hearts go out to the Polish people
US experts: passive resistance is Solidarity's best option
A look at Texas oil industry - its goals, its gripes

'On Golden Pond'
Thorough scraping sets up a good paint job
Entertainment systems behind closed doors
Saudi prince postpones visit with Reagan
An economic consensus: more sluggishness before an upturn
Immigrants: the 'tempest tossed' are grateful for their new home
Christmas in N. Ireland: the spirit of resilience
Converting attachments into friendships
Begin regime defeats no-confidence vote
Functional housing in China
W. Europe's communist parties not in step over Polish crisis
FBI closes Allen investigation
Cooking techniques
Muscovites try their hand at new year's resolution-ing
Uses for fresh grapefruit
NOW recruits volunteers to work for ERA passage
S. Africa's black TV: on air to manipulate...or educate?
One company's approach to helping retirees look ahead
National Football League; (Final regular season standings)
Mujahideen chief details price of ontinuing fight in Iran
Reagan hits W. Europe's peace groups
Energy: don't stop now
Food prices rise as Israel cuts subsidies
West Europeans dispute charge Soviets sponsor peace movement
Turkey: democracy deferred
Women must turn to 'male' fields for better salaries, study says
Hollywood's sometimes-sour version of the American dream