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Monitor Archive for December 22, 1981

US and European bankers talk over Polish request
Trend of the economy
It's lighter than you think
A thing of value
A new US policy on El Salvador?
Israelis seek to justify annexing Golan Heights
UN membership broached by Switzerland's Cabinet
Does crackdown satisfy Soviets?
Downcast Poles take the ferry back home
Protestant leaders sit out Irish talks Britain set up
East Coast dockworkers boycotting Polish cargoes
Mubarak moves against uttat suman (fat cats)
Polish government accuses Spasowski
Soviet activist is reported held in tight confinement
Quebec premier asks 'no' from Britain on charter
Hot race for unseen Europarliament post
'The Poles will not have made their stand in vain'
Soup kitchens ahead? Salvation Army alerted
Congress gives struggling Peace Corps another chance
An echo of Tarkenton from BYU
Children's Radio Theater - TV screen of the imagination
Opera on the air: 'Fledermaus' (delightful), 'Butterfly' (much recorded)
From farm to NASA, U.S. astronaut heads for the stars
Panel of jurists condemns pace of Iranian executions
Rabbit killing in Idaho irks conservationists
For Poland, Christmas will be white - and bleak
The many masks of modern art
Return to Vietnam
Tregor bill: a gift or a lump of coal in Boston's stocking?
Christmas in Crete
Liza and Alexey: Western protests helped to melt Soviet resistance
The deficit connection
Munich: the perfect place for the holidays
Magazine: Iran got key secrets
Oil shale: huge potential, huge problems
Rating their new cars
US economy - a silver lining?
Why feelings run so deep in US-Israeli dispute
Raz greets the morning
News for the Traveler
US-Korean forces' goal: deterrence
Resilient optimism for European unity
Three who chose freedom
EEC unemployment nears 10 million, setting record
God - and what else?
After two years, ski industry finally has white Christmas
Retirees get more pension adjustments
Israel's Coral World: the people are enclosed, the fish swim freely
Why the ambassador defected