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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1981

New foreign aid bill allows arms for Chile, Argentina
Joint ventures gain a firm foothold
Savory soups, delectable desserts from The Elsah Landing Restaurant
The old and the new
How one city pulls the reins on potential shoplifters
Civil rights surprise - rush of support to renew Voting Rights Act
Classical mixed with bluegrass? Call them the Dregs
Signs that the movies are beginning to grow up again
If disaster reigns, FEMA holds the 'umbrella'
Drop in factory output points to further sag
Mexican emigration: safety valve or brain drain?
Making a federal case out of labor violence
Sabotage in South Africa; Guerrilla raids aim at gaining 'legitimacy'
Reagan-era youth program issues call for volunteers
Poland: some facts and fictions
Poland: waiting for the facts
103 Polish intellectuals are reported arrested
Belmond, Iowa; Everything grows here - even art
Israel forfeits Egyptian friends in move to annex Golan Heights
Sakharov's wife claims victory for rights activists
Late bloomer Barbaro proves wilting to many an offense
More ethnic Germans able to leave USSR
4 Viet vets head to Hanoi for MIA, defoliant data
The key to sushi is freshness
Ford chief says company won't be another Chrysler
Austria worried about refugees
Protecting privacy in an age of home computers, two-way TV
Quick ideas for cooking with fresh mushrooms
Soviets hope Poland will fall in step without them
The heat is on for US to improve its ports for coal export boom
Golan takeover: US actions limited to 'wrist-slapping'
Martial law puts Poles' fortitude to test
An 'alternative way' vs. Thatcher economics
Korea's radio wars
Choosing an Oriental rug: antique isn't always best
Don't forget alleluia!
Pumpkin mousse a holiday dessert
Using the business tax cuts wisely
Martial law puts Poles' fortitude to test
Clemson has national crown one win away
Home video and the law
Sing for baby!
Holding the line on US environment
Italian paradox: homeless people, vacant apartments
Burger urges 'drastic change' in US prisons
Teen novels: What kind of values do they promote?
Lack of gold reaction hints sales by Soviets
No creature was stirring as House treated itself
Pop goes the commissar