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Monitor Archive for December 11, 1981

Qaddafi's Libya; Flurry over 'hit squads' puts US officials on spot

Disclosure rule on flaws in used cars is waved off
Next step in Mideast peacemaking - the Palestinians
In '76 Libya targeted US envoy
Going home to India
Women in comedy: more than ever
Mark Twain and critics agree US needs good patent laws
Michigan governor sees rays of hope piercing state's economic gloom
Rivers of steel
Supply for everyone
Eave-East: Your mission underwater is to hover . . .
The New Comedians; Will all the world laugh with them?
The US in Central America: a repeat performance?
The many facets of Libya's mysterious and quixotic Col. Muammar Qaddafi
Of hornets, ants,and tree-climbing ivy

Le Corbusier's sketchbooks
You can find bargains in children's gifts - if you look
Despite 'Reagan revolution,' public looks to Washington
GOP committee shake-up elevates an aide to Bush
None too early to repaint old house
4 new third-world entrants seek top position at UN
Burger, Nixon discussed cases, Ehrlichman writes
Removing stain from columns
Jean Stapleton: a life after Edith Bunker
Hope and hard work on a farm in Western Australia
Christmas in Castine
Task for Faust: find Notre Dame's winning ways
The Sussmans' vegetable patch: ho ho with a hoe
US warms up its NATO ties
US to delay charging men in failing on draft sign-up
Libya at a glance
Pipeline: Congress vs. the public
Don't light either of those fireplaces

Arming the Cambodian insurgency
Who remembers embers?
Waiting for America's great new Coal Era
House GOP joins support for Reagan foreign aid bill
Spain adds 'glue' to NATO military might, tension to political makeup
Kremlin takes sharp jab at Poland
In praise of non-happenings
Swift justice and the Hinckley case

Brief encounter
Jacob steps from ranks to take helm of Urban League
The many 'Italys'; Family ties could still bind them together
Nine Nobel laureates wire Brezhnev about Sakharov
Labor secretary subject of new FBI investigation
Qaddafi's Libya; Libya tries to stay afloat on tide of oil
A country garden grows best with broad sweeps of the imagination

Mine safety: trying to beef up inspections
Snowblower business: no great shakes without flakes
Why Soviets may let Alexeyeva go