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Monitor Archive for December 10, 1981

You'll have a little gift, Saudis tell oil importers
'Saturday Night Live's' losing case of poor taste - and other issues; Wit is missing in 'Live' -- show to be replaced
US blames Soviet Union for some forged papers
Crucial testing time ahead for Reagan
Regan hopes US savers will help soften deficit's impact on loan rates
Reagan says controllers may seek other US jobs
America should not complain about Europe
Large New York S&L cuts its home mortgage rates
Judy Blume; Children's Author In A Grown-Up Controversy
Denmark hunting new premier

New tour book: Boston's welcome for handicapped
The CIA's 'risky' domestic spy role
Soviets jail dissident in KGB suit
Community crime watch; How Highland Park Mich. handcuffs lawlessness
US-Europe talks aimed at avoiding steel trade 'war'
'Wall Street's' Lou Rukeyser gives hope to small investors
Hard-hit Oregon, Washington draw in state purse strings
Nuclear Power; The Promise Fades
Racing at the UN
Polish union leader goes to Warsaw to see primate
How US steel industry views its plight. . .
Withdrawing US workers from Libya
Of the inquiring type
'The notion of chance'
Clothes shopping in the 'discount decade'
Creationists' new clout seen in biology texts
Fashion - defrock that metaphor!
To penetrate with sympathy
How to shell, peel chestnuts
'Il Trittico': on radio and records
Officiating is a longtime thing with Lou
(1) Pentagon plugs leaks in budget
New calls for mine safety
In a manner of speaking
Soviets yield to Sakharov -- but how much?
More and better: college basketball comes into its own
A breakthrough
Yule tamales not so hot without the corn shucks
Wallstreet's Lou Rukeyser gives hope to small investors
School principals should teach
Community Crime Watch; How Highland Park, Mich. handcuffs lawlessness
Betty Friedan's 'second stage' brings men into the fold
Correction; Croissant recipe
Shuttle experiments a big success

Two easy fruit cake recipes
Yamit settlers determined to block evacuation
Us remark on unification angers Ulster Protestant
US accentuates positive at Brussels meeting
Cost of Alaskan gas line to be shared by US users
Inflation buzzsaw fells Northwest lumber industry. But good news could be on the way as prices, interest ease
Oil explorers spending $1 million to help protect wildlife - from them
(1)Thatcher's troubles pile up like London's snow. (2)Growing chorus of critics lash out at 'Iron Lady's' strict economic policies
French cookbooks to put under the Christmas tree
The Qaddafi affair
Castro's dilemma: honor antiskyjacking pact or help guerrilla friends
Milos Forman and the tricky business of filming 'Ragtime'
Love Canal; still stalked by a silent disaster
Christmas cookies from the Ukraine