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Monitor Archive for December 1, 1981

Hawks in formation behind Nitze
New muzzle for inflation's bite on private pensions
'Creative frugality' helps cities fight back against budget cuts
Hartford's Milner: new mayor beat odds to win; sees city on upswing
Clouds of glory
Eight mountain states see economic horizon above US as a whole
One lure for IRA: real estate pools for the 'little guy'
Exploiting the status of Puerto Rico
With Libyans out, OAU in. Chad: on the brink of peace...or civil war?
US, Canadian Latvians support work stoppages in their homeland
Henry Ford Country
How to succeed at Geneva
Lynn - ''nothing will stop us''
The Polish experience
Democrat concedes in New Jersey vote
Inflation is both friend and foe to private pension plans
ESOP: Taking stock of your future by owning a piece of your company
Court shuns sex-equality case
'82 pay profile: good for subordinates; best for execs
Computers, mediators will aid flow of justice in tomorrow's courtrooms
Danes trying to attract offshore oil operations
New $2,000 tax incentive may help Americans save
Senator Byrd to step down
Japanese Cabinet shaken up to tackle big problems
Ten-year 'vesting' rule for pensions can be side-stepped
Honduran vote indicates end to military regime
Why Israel insists on following Camp David to the letter; It will not allow any pro-Palestinian wedge to be driven into peace process
Dominican Republic: tough golf, but a benign climate
Shirley Williams and Britain's new winds of change
The many masks of modern art
Multi-sided puzzle of supply-side economics
Social Security's cash crisis raises elderly-aid issue
Those Soviet food shortages . . . 'No main course, but would jello help?'
On the trail of the A-Bomb makers; Antinuclear battle nears climax
Sims: Detroit Lions' spark
Saudis hope to polish peace plan for resale next spring; Fez failure prompts gentler tactics - and focus on Syria
Hong Kong trying to halt flow of Chinese children
Euromissile talks: neither side in a hurry. Soviets await peace movement; Reagan still molding his policies
Studying 'growth cycles' to steer the economy; Professor's work focuses on the growth aspect of boom-bust action
Despite US recession, high-tech hunts workers
Airlines to trim schedules to ease controllers' load
A run-in with mercenaries jars Indian Ocean resort
Chinese are gung-ho on economy
Golden Ruling the world
A smorgasbord of benefits offered by only a few firms
Mr. Allen's job
Key figure in Sadat case switches plea to innocent
White House sorts options in Allen case; Reinstatement may rest with 'judgment' issue
Jackie Robinson's breakthrough
A target date to retire depends on your financial aims
For blacks, joining a 'homeland' means leaving home
Leading economic index goes down 1.8 percent
Soviet authorities warn youth: 'Votch out' for Americanisms in speech