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Monitor Archive for November 9, 1981

Spain dodges problems of joblessness, EC entry
From a lively, astute historian; New view of China's ongoing revolution
A play that proves there's no explaining awards
Design flaw debate threatens licensing of Diablo Canyon A-plant
'Catch-up' with US arms theme of Soviet birthday
Poland's 'big three' buy time for jawboning; Strike threat averted for three months while state, union, and church talk
How a teacher surplus makes it a buyers' market
Poetry from Peking's Democracy Wall
Credit crunch vs. money market: a newsletter debate
Quebec resists Canada's new constitution
US nuclear disunity annoys Europe
Stream of light
Fourth of prison inmates are military vets, US says
Saving America's energy - in foreign tongues
And now 'Russians, go home'
A woman's search for faith, identity
Jamaica may get a series of private US investments
An inside look at university living in today's China
New insights into Auden
Does anything happen off camera?
Reagan backs voting rights - but
Republicans admit Reagan slippage
Cry from West: no budget-cutting without consultation
Moving saga of Chinese family
Wildcat strikers ignore Warsaw and their union
Progress in federal moves to wipe out $25 billion in fraud; Government hot lines field thousands of calls; over $15 million saved so far
Tracing the story of life on earth
'It's just as if I was still 6 - drawing lions in books'
Credit crunch vs. money market: a newsletter debate
Trinidad, Tobago electing a leader
Mansfield says Alaskan oil to Japan offers 2-way aid
The prince who's putting Saudis center stage. Experts eager to see what support he gets for Fahd's peace plan
Spaces, planes and beguilement
Fine history on black struggle to be free
GIs off to Egypt to begin Middle East war games
L.A. Lakers have talent, depth to go all the way
A small-press retrospective
God is with us

Credit crunch vs. money market: a newsletter debate
Army admits it mistreated would-be defense contractor
New space shuttle date set Thursday morning
States tax levels up 186% in '70s - $600 per capita
Down the Mississippi - to find America
Soviet sub is home - in hot water
US expert's view; Hither and dither in the Middle East
Trend of the economy; Today's planned recession and joblessness: what they mean for inflation a year from now
Alive! - five women with a special brand of music
How a teacher surplus makes it a buyers' market
Teacher keeps music lessons alive when baseball vies with Beethoven
SAT scores: are students improving?
Canada free at last?

Pick of the paperbacks
Gossip and power in Washington
Anglo-Irish council - a start to solve the Ulster problem
Pakistan considers friendlier line toward Moscow; At issue is recognition of pro-Kremlin Afghan regime; military leaders and diplomats believed to b...
GAO fraud hot line's track record
Why US suddenly lost its appetite for Saudi peace plan
Smithsonian 'Pizza Geography Unit' offers a tasty approach to science
Japanese plan drive to step up imports
Bird watching with Roger Tory Peterson; A walk with the country's premier 'birder' marks the opening of an exhibit of his works
N.J. Democrats fight GOP lead
Mubarak diverging from Sadat - but not Camp David
Blessings underfoot