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Monitor Archive for November 5, 1981

Nutbread recipe from Kentucky Shakers
"Green Glasgow" looks at housing problems
Namibia plan poses sizable risks for exhausted Angola
Another reality?
US steps up security at several embassies
Vote split on ballot issues; bond proposals bat .500
French support for Chad paying off -- Libyans are leaving. Need for quick formation of OAU peace force as Qaddafi's men vacate capital
Wayne Hays: off the Hill to a rural school board
Reports of friction rife on US security team
Side trip from the cutting edge
Election changes Boston's political landscape; future now looks brighter
Apple harvest
Pitt takes college football leadership, with a self-conscious grin
Top pro basketball teams will have to win on the road
Viets sent to Soviet bloc to help in labor shortage
In search of honest American fare
The Saudi plan
Toying with an idea
Making provisions to help protect your possessions
US to Embassy Row: No more Mr. Nice Guy
'Blue-collar beasts' do jobs that are helpful - or silly
Bearing witness to the witnesses
Soviets take harder line on Submarine 137 in Sweden
The Game of Go; (To Molly)
BL's last chance to get house in order
Holiday hot-line answers turkey questions
Guerrillas push Central American countries into military cooperation
Hussein ends US visit by meeting legislators
No more war (on poverty, that is)
Robb takes Virginia's top office; Kean likely winner in New Jersey
Balance swings to Egypt in talks with Israel
Why Mobil wants Marathon: strong string of reserves
Unions target Houston with membership drive
In an 'independent' film, almost anything can happen
Who called Hawaii on the office phone and shouldn't do it again?
Yankee tinker; Finger Maids, Bed Readers, and Safety-Sets help others while helping John Adams
US oil company reports striking gold in Nevada
Frozen desserts can fit into wintertime menus
World's hungry: have their numbers been exaggerated?
Law to copyright folklore would stop exploitation of third world crafts
Solutions for the states
Some sweeping victories, some close calls -- few surprises; Koch, Young among mayors reelected
Party, church, and union meet to unsnag Poland
GOP resistance to upping taxes
Luvembourg's Vice-President everything but Gold Medal
Music bridges the generation gap
Tips for choosing the right appraiser
Treasury redesigns its small-saver bonds
Labor bemoans NYC, New Jersey votes
Hard-nosed computer delays shuttle flight
The Haig whodunit
Brezhnev woos W. Germans.
'81 voting reveals blacks as a key to GOP hopes in '82
Jamie Wyeth; The artist is a lonely hunter
France pushes for accord by Namibia freedom panel