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Monitor Archive for November 30, 1981

It's a story - it's a history - it's an inspiration. It's Linden Hill
Why India says 'yes' to Pakistan's no-war plan
Natalie Wood, Hollywood star
Trend of the economy: which way out of US auto slump?
Soviet adviser seeks release by Afghans
My Dad
Social Democrat win shakes British political foundations
Polish leaders may seek law to prohibit striking
LSU's tiger takes a three-hour stroll
I Wish I Were an Idea
Geneva's bigger issue
Adopting 'waiting' children: the challenges and rewards
Turning down a grant not offered
Bottling the nuclear genie: new chapter begins
Lynn, Mass., fire sets back restoration effort
Bank cats loose among broker canaries
An effective policy toward Moscow: what it demands
The who, what, where, and why of arms talks

League of Cities on Reagan cuts: small towns, Sunbelt faring better
Scores killed in Damascus as car bomb goes off
Broadway's new King Arthur
Morning is music . . .
Neither main party wins majority in New Zealand
The real thing
Make the most of the Conference on Aging
Going to 'school' with Richard Armour
Day Lilies
Habib shuttle heads for bumpy rentry into Mideast
Helping students attend the college of their choice
Would only one thing keep Mondale from running?
Chinese hurrying to enact laws to aid foreign trade
Snapshots of treasure
Active--not passive--learning should be each school's goal
One city's tax mirror
Fuel cell for turning natural gas into electricity faces a 'laundry test'
Allen on leave until investigation over
On the trail of the A-bomb makers
Aguirre, Mavericks' choice, may spur them up NBA trail
Puerto Rican capital has power back after bombing
Gratitude: the deeper healing
A few questions to help you understand the Middle East
Reagan, AFL-CIO brass to sit down for talks
Third world in South African eyes