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Monitor Archive for November 23, 1981

Police break up meeting at Polish dissident's home
Ogden Nash in retrospect
Stop those dropouts! Stop those dropouts!
Reagan's ordeal by ridicule
AFL-CIO leans left as it shuns Reagan
Drowning inquiry rules out Haitian smuggling angle
Successful 'ranching' of salmon catches attention
Racial bias vs. freedom of religion
Decontrol natural gas . . .
...and to all a generic good-night'
'Pilgrims are people who ate up most all the turkey'
World chess championships: a bored board show
Pulitzer board to take more time on entries
Tree at My Window
Haig gets 'F' for foggy from English teachers
Lakers to bust out running after an awkward ouster
Why Saudis speak with conflicting voices on peace plan
From copywriter to farmer
'Cream of the crop' - red-and-white dairy cows
Ulster Protestants strike for tougher stand on IRA
Michael Foot's hold on Labour Party weakens as clash with radical opponent Benn intensifies
Clooney and Whiting together: a nice sound
Why Sakharov begins fast
Robert Frost, an American voice
Reagan plans to veto spending compromise
White House on Allen: mostly 'no comment'
Let freedom ring - abroad, too
No system like it in the Western world, Calif. higher ed
US reported alert to a Libyan plot
...but why should customers pay for the pipeline in advance?
Conservative group says Reagan OK, up to a point
Guitarist Narciso Yepes, the virtuoso who invented his own instrument
W. Germans sign huge pipeline deal with Soviets and get just what they wanted
Money Fund managers debate merits of insuring the risks
Aeroflot: when airlines turn cloak-and-dagger
Canadians mount protest on economic situation
The blessed Bible
Come In
For Once, Then, Something
Checking anti-Semitism
Hints of reason
Brezhnev-Schmidt talks: can Soviets divide US, Europe on missile issue?
Amsterdam nuclear protest: Is it already too late for Reagan?
What did you say you were doing this weekend?
Katharine Hepburn in a role she can lavish her wit on
Barrier islands: clamping lid on eager builders
Philippines' Marcos faces violent twist in bid to secure nation from drain of Mindanao war
More teens prepare for nontraditional careers, but transition is slow
Bangladesh economic actions criticized, but IMF discipline questioned
Trend of the economy