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Monitor Archive for November 20, 1981

Crime code, in revision, wins new Senate back
'Urban spaces' exhibition
A house for everyone
Shuttles get limelight, Venus probes just get data
Brezhnev's riposte

'Slippery' cars of '80s mean more miles to the tank
Banks and 'Thrifts' want to compete on their terms

Senate GOP OKs cuts to avert spending veto
Six Arab Gulf states take first steps toward economic community
Supply-side Laffer embarrasses Washington State GOP
Europe's changed face after Reagan nuclear policy talk.
Big Steel woos Big Oil during Marathon bidding
Letter from Israel: land of Moses and MacDavid cheeseburgers
BACKYARD INVENTORS; The future: 'whole new worlds'
The Atlantic and Stockman: depth, not slam-bang coverage
Big 10's losingest team hopes to shape up
Rescuing the alliance

Realtors get cheerful note on trend of interest rates
Soviets rap Reagan missile 'ploy'
Housing industry sees an upturn

Goodbye, Pompeii tours, hello, Mt. St. Helens
Pitch for worker sacrifice at GM draws union scowl
Fed stands firm against 'unlocking economy' with easier-money keys
Company execs rev up in Jaguars
Parents Anonymous; Breaking the cycle of child abuse
When milk gets out of hand
Insulation outside concrete blocks?
Mrs. Whitmire at Houston's helm

US jets for Pakistan win another round on the Hill
VW trotting out new models -- and new management; Troubled firm gets chief who made US waves
One rancher's 'coal' war: Wally McRae didn't win it all, but he may have won enough

Sizing up Senate races for '82.
Troubles in Nicaragua - US officials fret over arms buildup, totalitarianism

President's arms speech: conservative credentials help Reagan break ground
DOE does have a role
EPA chief charts austere course
VW trotting out new models - and new management; Quantum, going in for Dasher, seeks sales leap
Glorify God's qualities
Lower home-mortgage rates open the market, but there are offsets
The moon is full
P. G. (Plum) Wodehouse: 'original good humor man'
Poles get uncensored view of their history
US-China ties good - as long as Taiwan arms sales remain shelved
L.A. 's Tom Bradley; A Nice Guy Who May Finish First
Trimmimg the wicks of kerosene lamps
Teacher of the 'unteachable' - Cicely Tyson's stirring new role
'Great big tom - bom - bumble bee!'
Help for inventors
Air Force is a step closer to getting B-1
Slab floor may be culprit in dealing with mildew
State taxes make a giant rebound.
One killed in Indian state in strike over immigration
Schedule announced for Bible Exhibit