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Monitor Archive for November 19, 1981

Salvadoran soccer: the only sign of war is that some fans go home early
Reagan proposal's effect on European arms balance
Odyssey of a job seeker when company goes bust
New civil rights chief is a 'supply-side Urban Leaguer'
Taro's War: Memoir of a Japanese torn between two worlds
Allen lessons
Oil prices and quick conclusions
A properly cooked turkey will be the easiest to carve
Numbers, quality gaining in US military enlistments
Venezuela becomes firm US ally
Squash, cranberries combine in a casserole
A-power plant in California may face license lifting
Future of Laotian folk art hangs by a thread
Rights switch
Solar research facility gets new lease on life
Japanese oil refiners awash in excess crude supplies - and red ink
Writing a Love Letter from Belgrade
An acquired taste
The great literacy machine
Reagan's opening gambit on way to serious nuclear arms control talks with Soviet Union
When only two are at home for Thanksgiving dinner
Save banks with a new bank law
The zero option
Naples council resigns amid growing problems
Assurance in a colossal vision
British police find themselves under scrutiny
CIA-type data net planned by private, nonspy team
Nigerian election campaign; DEMOCRACY WITH A TRIBAL BEAT
Controversial suggestions to make teens safer drivers
How Mubarak tames opposition
BACKYARD INVENTORS; In Britain: a state-aided tradition
The little back that could
Secret gifts
Monitor contributor wins aid to pursue research
How films affect people: a critic sums up his life at the movies
Spain in NATO: to join or not to join
Personal income was up 0.6 percent in October
N.Y.C.'s Central Park; Can a tree still grow in Manhattan?
Cities scramble for the attention of moneymaking high-tech firms
What the Kremlin isn't saying about food is plenty
Inventors & NRDC: an inside view
Hitting the high notes
Houston's city controller wins mayoral race
CBS affiliates may get option on hour-long news
Reagan jawbones Kremlin while eyeing Capitol Hill
1981 college football season is a tough one to explain
Kirkland clinches AFL-CIO job
Being a pro basketball wife has extra dimensions
600 more British troops in Ulster
Europe applauds Reagan's talk
Typewriter Olympics: trying to beat 166 words/min.