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Monitor Archive for October 5, 1981

Poland: 'Walesa has Won. Everything will be alright' or will it?
Washington casts skeptical eye on Reagan military plan
Season opens with Bellini, Wagner; What's happening at the Met? More careful planning needed
Home mortgages bolster small businesses
Sin, punishment, reward
Californians anticipate victory next spring in battle against the Medfly
The cars the top executives buy
Roving patrols help California bank guard its branches
Foreign bankers still have the upper hand in US
Nuclear Power: caught between cash crunch and tide of public opinion
Walesa stays; Hungarians tune in

Australian Aborigines jockey for spotlight at Commonwealth parley
The economy vs. the fearmongers
Karpov beats challenger, taking 2-0 lead in chess
Voices of crisis in the cities
Art and manners too
Battle of the cable programmers
Trend of the economy; US debt: It's how fast it rises, not how high
No huddling in the classroom
From Jena (E. Germany) to Waterville (Maine) with 'Elfi'
Putting the MX in its place
News leak on German spy swap causes some to back out of deal
Build a better educational mousetrap
2 decades in pro tennis, Rosewall keeps style right on top
Would TR cut the EPA?
Swedish socialists endorse plan to collectivize industry
Indiana's analytical coach
Hard-pressed thrift industry banks on mergers and legislative lobbying
'Oh, Mother!'
Palestinian says Israel waging 'war' on PLO
Children profit from parent involvement in grass-roots politics
Homesharing program answers mutual needs
A way of living
Euro-Parliament -- too democratic for its own good?
Why AWACS fight risks Reagan Mideast plan
What bankers want: leeway in bonds, money markets
IRA fast over, weary hopes revive
Wrong way to woo the Saudis
Utilities plan $17.5 billion for new facilities
Generations mix, learn flexibility in shared housing
Nigeria in the doldrums but its President's sails are full
Population of US prisons swells, forcing makeshifts
Pathologists say body is really Lee Oswald's
Reagan's MX plan -- budget beats bullets
Saudi stability at crux of contested AWACS sale
Calling on Emily; Amherst, Massachusetts
A jingle of banking changes
The poor in Illinois using sterilization for birth curb
Mud on satin -- the American way?
Voting Rights Act faces renewal test on Hill
First clergyman swept in as Iran's new President
Tokyo market's recovery kicks Pacific fund up
At totality enveloped in air
Northwest Indian tribe strikes historic deal for mining its mountain
Not judged by his cover, book 'scam' regains trove
4 nations' moneys shifted by EC finance ministers
Rising unemployment figures fuel labor's discontent with Reagan
Adults enliven graduate ed -- with special studies
New lisbon regime, but outlook still dim
Reagan the politician
Watt on '82 voting: 'ratify 1980'