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Monitor Archive for October 30, 1981

A windowsill Eden that's easy
Black frost: the coming and the going
OPEC agrees on $34 oil; pennies more at US pump
High supply, low sales close EC refineries
A North Carolina homecoming does N.Y.'s Circle Rep proud
Grim world forecast for housing
Tuition tax credits? D.C. could be test case
Chad leader remains, French say
Lufthansa to put some passengers on trains
Care in fall produces a berry crop in spring
2nd magazine backs claim on antisatellite station
Crucial AWACS Vote Consolidates US relations with Saudi royal family
The path before us
US officials to Cuban exile groups: stop violence here.
Making foreign policy fit the real world
Champion Dodgers were dandy; not so the Yankees
On Senate floor-a somber occasion
For Soviets, it's one bit of bad news after another

Senate unit wants US cut in aid to world's poor
R2D2, alias CAD/CAM, is hurrying out blueprints and tools
Namibia's whites wistful about relinquishing power
Windowsill 'garden' keeps growing right through winter months

Culture gets a boost - from several directions
Spain's puzzle: become part of NATO lion or stay a 'tiny mouse'
Morning Walk in Autumn

Abusing planet Earth
Chicago bank reduces prime rate to 171/2%
L.A. winners: on the diamond. . .
Initial cost of sila work for MXs put at $7 billion
'Jessica Novak'
US bellwether index slips, along with productivity
Leave attic scuttle closed in summer
Census director: keep courts out of US nose count
Even Superman might not clear this half-mile high skyscraper
IRA violence closes British political ranks
Running a car-two bits a mile and holding
Polish strike was peaceful but ban may be in works
High interest has N.Y. bank seeking rescue
Sweden 'captures' a sheepish Soviet sub

Reagan's door is still the one to knock on
Euromissile advocates speak out
25 years later, Hungary has many reforms it fought for

After AWACS - White House eyes Asian arms sales.; Plane deals with Pakistan, Taiwan among Reagan options
L.A. winners: on the diamond. . .and in the classroom
Cash-short US automakers cut back on key projects
Illinois politicians try harder for No. 2 job labeled easy, overpaid
Israelis vexed by AWACS vote - but relieved, too
'Edith Wharton'
'Eisenstaedt: Germany'
US faces new tasks in Mideast.
Why Felipe can't read
Banks alter policy as people pare down on credit cards
'Go northeast young man'. . . a new call?
Desertion plea for Ivans in Kabul

Productive doubting