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Monitor Archive for October 28, 1981

Aid cutoff won't hurt mass transit, says Reagan man
Letup on CIA curbs is backed
FTC's green light to shoddiness
N. Yemen visit to Moscow -- Soviet victory?
You, now, here!
Prejudice, politics, and patriotism
Running big paper loss? A switch could cut taxes
Reagan triumph: federal spending rate has slowed; But fiscal brakes could fail without tax hike
Florida 'lab' tests best ways to build to use the sun
A better CPI
Boston transit system hits latest in series of potholes; Federal court action, work slowdowns, and now 'suspicious' fires beset MBTA as labor, manag...
The practicality of depending on God
'Lookalikes': new battle in drug abuse war
Gardner deflates some scientific charlatanism; Science Good, Bad and Bogus, by Martin Gardner. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books. $18.95.
A one-man Mideast -- except for Saudis
Microbes in industry. The revolution in biotechnology
Creature comforts come slowly to Chinese households
US radicals: regrouping or fading?
Quest for detente revived in Madrid
Wahabi walked with me in Cameroon
Contemporary music: is anyone listening?
The Dodger infield leaves a record for baseball annals
Inland channels for US trade brace for big upsurge
The depths of constancy
Egypt's Hosni Mubarak reminds nation of Nasser years; Leader's tough stance reassures many, but worries others as well
New raise for US sailors, but the jobs they are a-dwindling
Hatfield worries about AWACS, anti-Semitism
Don't cripple US space program
Space: investing in the future
Ex-hostages plan to press Iranian-US damage suit
Bombs on Oxford Street
Door may be closing on Asian refugees
FAA eases controller workload; Delays, fewer flights likely through winter Prince and Diana shrug off Welsh bomb . . .
Two perspectives on continuation of the space program
Family uses exchanges to make ends meet
Soviet killer satellite - fact or fiction?; Some experts call reports only 'rumor'
Father of 'Finlandization' resigns but Finns expect to keep his line
Superinsulation pays off in net savings if you figure the job carefully; Boston economist expects fuel costs to fall to one-fifth
Big US union may stress job security next year
Bomb hunted in London in new IRA drive . . .
US changing price gauge to reflect housing spiral
Betty Friedan calls for less abrasiveness, more emphasis on the family; The Second Stage, by Betty Friedan. New York: Summit Books. $14.95.
Australia will join Sinai force - if conditions met
Plenty of turkeys to gobble this year
Growing arms race in Central America may heat up region; Nicaragua gets Soviet tanks; others seek missiles, jets
And a scientist's plea from the heart.
Muddying the Mideast
What's at fault for the troubles in US schools; Don't Blame the Kids: The Trouble with America's Public Schools, by Gene I. Maeroff. New York: McGra...
Egyptian foreign minister reassures Israeli officials
...and Paris blasts Leave police puzzled
Polish party is meeting on shift in structure
War becomes a favorite game for Lebanese children
Casino gambling slips into Massachusetts via charity 'Las Vegas nights'
Finnish President leaves; architect of Soviet policy