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Monitor Archive for October 27, 1981

Reagan puts his prestige on the line
An idea in hand
Lisbon reopens sensitive file on E. Timor
Italy's Liguria region
Ripping out in your Peugot 604
Reagan prestige, US influence ride on AWACS
Cut rom the top
S. African churches vow to undo apartheid; one urges breaking law
Satiric Drama
Fireman strike socks in airports across Italy.
Folklore and stats follow fans to Game 6
Filmmaker Robert Altman's sudden - and auspicious - stage venture
Fire in transit system upsets Boston rush hour
Cotswold Stone
Southern family shapes its history at potter's wheel
B-1, MX funding fired on by House panel chairman
Wallpaper fresh from the Mint
Mubarak's swift actions gain time to plan Egypt's future
The revolution in biotechnology; Genetic engineering: hopes for high profits mount; ethical and social questions persist
Weinberger: Protests on Euromissiles misguided
Why most Germans are not anti-American
New Zealanders bleat over US meat move
Perfection: starting point for healing
Friendly skies: mighty crowded in the 1990s
Poor people's right to counsel in civil cases
One killed in bomb blast in London; IRA blamed
Japan adopts the English language - word by word
Stiffest test yet of Reagan clout on Hill
New FTC chief challenges truth-in-advertising rules
2 US comic books banned in Canada as antireligious
Clues on bomb blast lead nowhere
The underlying challenge?
A gentle, penetrating view of humanity
Soviets quiet as Poland gets tough
Reagan prestige, US influence ride on AWACS
For Chicago: a building to dwarf all others
Argentina to snub awards over honor for Timerman

Deflating the air bags
Comeback catcher helps Dodgers keep scooting
Ex-air chief to be tried in Iran over 1980 US raid
France persists for nuclear power, Europe cools to idea
Reagan's 'getting to know you'
US airs hands-off policy on noncompeting mergers
As for the Democrats
Creditors anxious to plug 'loophole' in bankruptcy law
New US man in Moscow in a hard-line opening
On Ulster, Mideast, budget, morality
The many masks of modern art
Misnamed 'spy plane' provides warnings, defense coordination
The crucial move
Cloud 7 for business jets
Religion's role in society
Cancun: firmer oil pricing ahead?