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Monitor Archive for October 23, 1981

Israelis are unfazed by the AWACS sent to Egypt
Controller union delisted by US as bargaining agent
Zimbabwe police arrest more nurses on strike
Can Mubarak put 'made in Egypt' label on economy?

The poem is
Potshots at the crime rate
Dodgers set to spring a big gun--Valenzuela
Republicans on Hill agree on no tax hike, big deficit
Tobacco price supports survive stiff challenge
Ford chief points to possibility of more price-cutting
Yawning gap divides Israel and Egypt at autonomy talks
Those unpopular super powers
Newest math whiz - Sarah the chimp
Australia's big 'cake' in minerals: unions want their cut now
Motorists passing up the corncob, but alcohol's still getting in the tank
Here are some steps to take to upgrade the landscaping of your home
Guatemala blames leftists - and State Dept. - for decline in tourism
Gospel story with a contemporary-South setting
Fall back!

Reagan's second thought
The perfect concept heals
Home alarms ring profits . . . All-Savers extension?
'Bridge building' - the crucial skill for Atlanta's new mayor
Tracing the source of noise in a water-pump system
American pilots on hops for Libya, US paper says
Joint ventures lead automakers to the world car
Why Mr. Mbokazi doesn't own his Soweto home
Iran's new clerics tilt closer to Moscow
Stemming seepage caused by the heaving of clay soil
Warsaw forbids gatherings in province; unrest grows
Why a diplomat is disappointed in Reagan

Cancun talks may achieve limited goals
Business is booming on TV - well, business programs are
More Israeli 'give' pressed in Palestine self-rule talks

Maine, Washington elections may put 'power switch' in citizens' hands

Greece votes for change
Vignettes of the World Series, past and present
A sure-grow potato seed emerges on the market

Finding ceiling tile that is fire rated

Foes praise Watt on barrier islands
Looking for jobs
French twist in Munich shootout

In mounting trouble, Morocco King may soon call for US help
Meese sees Reagan foreign policy gains
Taking flight
GM sweetens financing in US auto price war