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Monitor Archive for October 22, 1981

Top Dodger in show biz--one part fun, two parts biz

Looking for ways to erase soaring federal deficits; As GNP continues to slip, Domenici urges new taxes, deeper budget cuts
US takes new tack on world hunger, poverty; Reagan in Cancun to listen, learn, and offer strategy that breaks with past
Reagan seeks to quell hawkish image abroad
BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA; 100 Years of Musical Artistry
A different Ceylon for the Queen
Here come the French again - headed for your local theater
Eastern college football, long a poor relative, may challenge the 'west'
Have fun - and that's an order
Classic gingersnaps are full of spices
China's premier 'debuts' at Cancun
US dangles uranium 'carrot' before South Africa
Farmers give advice on how to cook their crops
US farmers: more satisfied than most Americans
Aspin drills the Army over drill priorities
Three Mile Island: federal help for cleanup?
Cuban troops said to be in Salvador; Washington response is low key, but specter of more US involvement looms
Thatcherism's brighter side
Curing the common cold
Senator Byrd to vote against AWACS sale
Keep TV out of the ballot box
Claimants queue up to win back what they lost in Iran
Private-sector renewal: 'no' in Minneapolis, 'yes' in Toledo
Capture of antiwar radical mirrors group's violence
A shoot-'em-up TV script; Cassettes for recording have giants facing off
IRA renews bombings after hunger strike
'People's war' in the Philippines; MAOIST GUERRILLAS CHALLENGE MARCOS
Americans in Egypt: will familiarity breed contempt?; With huge US diplomatic community in Cairo, officials are making a special effort not to step...
A golden opportunity
Boston Symphony's 100th: a special day to mark a special history
Housing in China: families hang on to rationed quarters
Every student is his own math class
Morocco says it bombed rebels in Western Sahara
Canadian businesses race to bring alternative auto fuel to the market
PLO's Arafat: what he wants is embassy in US
Now for some peace talk
Drama on the windowsill
A friend we love from afar
'Maggie': gags are not enough
Guess who's coming to dinner?
Equine beauty and the sport of kings
Texaco ends gasohol sale in Northeast; costs cited
Polish strikes spread from mining center
Spanish swings to the right in two regional elections
Cancun: seminar for planting seeds of ideas
A wise investment in peace
A crisp taste of fall: baked apples, apple cake