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Monitor Archive for October 21, 1981

It's no secret: US in recession; But it should be mild and short and may well ease inflation
Soviet Union plays its China card against the United States
Jobless figure in Britain shows a slight reduction
Datsun builders phase out the name to build company's global image
Self-service gasoline-a bargain at least through Thanksgiving
General is fired for saying Soviets poised to strike
Georgia group is accused of misusing charity fund
New slip in housing starts spurs talk of bankruptcies
Breaking the federal tobacco habit
Reagan: Cancun's odd man out
Imports 1982; Japanese and European manufacturers keep pressure on Detroit with New Cars
Gandhi playing down 'global negotiations'
Three killed in bomb blast near Antwerp synagogue
Police disperse crowds in Polish mining town
Just the names touch World Series with magic
Reagan nuclear remark explodes in Bonn
Black view of Reagan term: a challenge; Along with criticism of budget cuts is a will to succeed anyway
Shopping the Treasury for savings bonds or T-bills
Australian forces to get McDonnell Douglas jets
Can Mubarak reconcile Egypt and Arab world?
For Poland: new leader, new breather
US rice farmers experience ups and downs of international markets; Favorable weather conditions for growers in SE Asia can lower US farmers' income
A better way to handle the Haitian problem
Less bang for the bucks from special interests? Only a few states move to limit campaign giving
Sony to press appeal in unfair-taping suit
Cancun summit; Important thing is it's happening
How many more Istanbulis are in Egypt's Army?
The worm that invades computers
An African human rights system -at last
Did TV change Election '80?
Advice for China from Dr. Brown
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Nigeria's love-hate relationship with the US blooms; Lagos entices Western trade, hopes for US aid, even as it blasts Reagan's Africa policy
Nurses, teachers arrested during strike in Zimbabwe
Limited nuclear warfare why Reagan worries Europe; President's remark to editors upsets some European leaders an analysis
Snapshots in legal drama: Polaroid inventor vs. Kodak
The Dodgers' 'constant' at first base--constantly terrific