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Monitor Archive for October 1, 1981

Reagan decision likely to rile both MX critics, backers
West Bank doesn't buy Sharon plan for Arab 'administrators'
US thinks Pakistan using A-power fuel for weapons
Pakistan beats deadline -- seizing Sikh skyjackers
Fashion through video: a live-action alternative to magazines
Bear Bryant rumbles toward all-time coaching record
Top Iranian military brass are killed in plane crash
Behind Reagan decision on MX and B-1

Naples earthquake recovery suffers 'aftershocks'
Solidarity unveils its ideal: Poland a la Yugoslavia
If New England were a nation, this is what it would do
Impressions of Scotland
Berries flourish in the Alaskan wilds
Running the gantlet
Planetary Probes: the end of an era; Emphasis now may shift to low-cost flights
The shining knight for poor lands?
Twist in arrivals policy: Haiti, fewer; Asia, more
The gift of tall talk
Southern blacks:
Encounter with time
Reagan and needy nations
Want to know about the Ainge case? Don't ask
Nader's reminder
20 cents stamps in time for Christmas
A step toward recognition
PLO's pinstripes, money behind fatigues and guns
AWACS blips
Lentils are best in a hearty soup
The brothers Kalb:
'Mickey Mouse time' has UK all wound up
An ageless sound
The housing-market sag
Canada court sequel: internal crisis or new constitutional conference?
Interview with the writer; That Neil Simon hit-after-hit touch: what makes it so successful?
The dangers of 'weapons strategy'
Solidarity's program at a glance
'Heaven and Earth' a German dish
Stunning collages of odds and ends
All about the berry of the bog
Supreme Court cases to touch many facets of US life
'Send more tourists . . . the last ones were delicious'
Artistic shelf arrangements take time, experimentation
Oh, to be in New England, now that autumn's here
Top colleges tougher to enter
Peking attempts to allay Taiwan fears of 'being gobbled up'
Cuban 'Granma' gets cold shoulder from wary US government officials
On measuring military power
Seoul, Calgary win nods for 1988 Olympic games
British Labour Party kills a call for leaving NATO
A trillion here, a trillion there . . .
US economy: it's another fiscal year older and a trillion in debt
US juggles smoldering crises in Central America