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Monitor Archive for January 7, 1981

Part of US energy agency recommended for saving
Enforcement not entrapment

Reagan's new press secretary: Will he be voice of too many masters?

Price-gouge charges mount along with heating oil costs
San Diego coach Coryell takes aerial route in bowl bid
Enriching uranium for nuclear fuel: Europe cuts into US monopoly
How to choose a temporary service
Widespread poverty in Tibet shatters the vision of a Shangri-La
From Lessing, a fantasy novel long on message, short on excitement; The Sirian Experiments, by Doris Lessing. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $10.95.
If the State Department is to prevail
A general at State
Two worlds in one?
Front-wheel drive in cars: accelerating
Ginnie Mae certificates available for more-modest investors, too
US, Mexico: hope for a new era
How Japanese small businesses help the poor
Victor Borge -- better onstage than in print; My Favorite Comedies in Music, by Victor Borge and Robert Sherman. New York: Franklin Watts. $8.95.

A black elected president of Boston's school board
Ordeal by audition: young performers face the rock recording world
Mississippi traffic fights low water as work on huge new lock begins
Retracing the tortuous path of Chrysler; Bailout, by Reginald Stuart. South Bend, Ind: and books. $5.95.
Animal rights: some progress, but not enough; Animals' Rights: Considered in Relation to Social Progress, by Henry S. Salt. Clarks Summit, Pa.: Soci...
Massachusetts ready for war on corruption, but can't agree on general
Zimbabwe newspaper takeover casts shadow
Chemical bank lowers prime rate to 19 1/2%
Tunnel of more than words
Khomeini gives backing to Algerian hostage role
Louisiana judge conducts girls to all-white school
You did help Cambodia
"I yam what I yam!"
Reagan on the Rio Grande
Little change seen in wake of West Bank mayor's return
Bugs with built-in antifreeze love the cold, say biologists
Junta blames 'extreme right'
A hard look
Angry Polish workers hit party leadership with the 64,000-zloty question
Italian government reverts to hard-line tactics against Red Brigades
Some advice on introducing youngsters to fun on skis
'Temporaries' find short-term jobs offer experience, variety
Accounts insured separately
TV's 'Shock of the New': like a plane trip over the 'jungle' of modern art
Philippines reported ready to lift martial law Jan. 17
Datsun builds top-of-the-line 810s for US buyers
Reagan and welfare reform: a call for wisdom
Blacks seek access to, assurances from Reagan
For effective confirmation hearings
Sparks fly as Britain's Iron Lady recasts her Conservative Cabinet
Relations better for Greeks, Turks but tests to come

Taking vacations 'right around the corner'
Capitol Hill scans new Cabinet faces
Australia's 'last' amnesty for illegal aliens gets mixed results
Smith: strongest ties to Reagan
Can Reagan turn the tanker?
New gains againts Iraq claimed by Iranian forces
Harold C. Urey, an A-pioneer