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Monitor Archive for January 6, 1981

Sixth congressman begins Abscam trial
Faster decline is seen in demand for OPEC oil
One nation indivisible; 'WHY CAN'T THEY BE LIKE THE REST OF US?'
Tibetan letters from the underground
Pro-Israel ranks begin to thin in high places in new Congress
Mexico's new predators
Peru, cutting subsidies, ups food and fuel prices
Plan for direct housing aid to needy may entice Reagan budget-cutters
Rights and wrongs in El Salvador

Belgium embroiled in controversy over sale of military hardware to foreign governments
Success of Salvadoran land reform plan is paid for with bullets
Impressive stage effects star in this re-telling of 'Frankenstein'
Sign language
Rock implies feathers
Rigging US container ships to defend themselves in time of war
Going on $200 billion
Diplomats urge Reagan planners to include PLO in Mideast options
Rugby decision embarrasses Irish government
The bids are in for London Times
Uganda appeals to Kenya for reconstruction aid
Reagan's 'pros' get good marks
A smallish wide receiver plays big for Michigan
Kenyans looking for terrorists in hotel bombing
"This day's different"
The slumbercoach is a hotel on wheels
VW ponders building car in Japan
New draft sign-up begins; opponents organize rallies
New Congress opens for formalities
Study gives hope for new surge in US energy conservation efforts
Spending for US research seen growing in 1981 despite possible recession
Mr. Reagan's prospects
'Hello, operator? Get someone to fix my heater!'
The many masks of modern art
Michael Vollbracht: Designer stages a spectacle to show his new spring line
Iran's power struggle deepens as Bani-Sadr, Rajai rift intensifies
Stockpiling could backfire, Saudis warn oil customers
A biography on Lippmann among 1980 prizewinners
Afghan refugee flow: a million so far
Here's a jaunty stage troupe in search of big themes
Queen Elizabeth royally upset by media blitz
Will Poland be catalyst for big changes in East Europe
A Wood-burning furnace from a Down Easter
Reagan's labor chief little known by union leaders
Huka Lodge, New Zealand -- a rustic kind of elegance
Transition spokesman to be press secretary
Kissinger winds up his Israeli visit
Job outlook: Midwest told 'wait a while'
New contemporary guide gives tips for easy entertaining at home; The Book of Entertaining at Home, by Maureen Mole. New York: Cornerstone Library. $...
Carter OKs a search for material on Haig
Soaring deficit crimps Reagan budget plans
Outgoing EC executive praises unity under stress
Rate decline goes on in prime interest