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Monitor Archive for January 30, 1981

Day of prayer: quiet thanks for hostages
Reagan's effectiveness may depend on 'stage presence'

Hardwood-floor stains yield to elbow grease
Bill Casey: 'forceful' CIA chief
Haig at the helm

Reagan, Jamaica, and the third world
Output down, income up, S. Africa says of '80 gold
GREAT DECISIONS '81; The US and the Soviet Union
Botha charts path for South Africa election
My money and me
Finding and fitting a sink replacement
A better way to filter well-water supply
US to help Jamaica spur economy, premier reports
A TV star in defense of whales
Both sides talk tough about troops in Europe
Buying tax-sale property; Do some good homework before bid time at auction
Spain's leader quits in turmoil
Toward The Sunbelt
Need to 'look up' a carburetor? Follow rebuilders to the library

Piracy, violence develop between Vietnamese refugees, Thai fishers

Troubled East Timor; Disclosures in Australia, and how Mr. Reagan can help
Super Bowl: booboos . . . unsung coach
Carter's road to synfuels may face a Reagan detour
Flaking in basement: get an inspection
Korean government party: democratic or Army puppet?
Eliminating fear
Sunfuels' 500,000-barrel goal: industry says it's impossible
Israeli planes hit camps in Lebanon

Northeast's coal stoves lose glow in anthracite shortage
Get more estimates on leaky shower stall
Cauliflower under glass; The virtues of a greenhouse: saving on the greengrocer's bill, for one
Kenya plans a model township to reclaim land for agriculture
Wary Sweden keeps PLO out in the cold
Troubled East Timor; Disclosures in Australia
Earth's unheard message
US calls for pushing up debt ceiling $50 billion
Peru-Ecuardor border heats up once more
The seed catalogs also are sources of garden wisdom
Reaganomics: a chop, a freeze, then 'biggest-ever' budget cuts
What our mothers never told us

Condo living takes a bit of common sense
Decision nears over future of Palestinian held in Chicago
US weighs a slash in foreign aid
Soviets accuse Solidarity of trying to wreck system
Big world oil companies returning to Iran market
How 3 cities shut down the pornography peddlers

Next Japan target: personal computers
Added load needs on-site expertise
Mugabe finds way to keep downgraded Nkomo in Zimbabwe Cabinet
Gushers on golf's sacred turf?
US shifts terrorism policy
Removing the sparkle on living-room ceiling
Why Soviet troops may have pretext for entering Iran