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Monitor Archive for January 29, 1981

Polish journalists run into stone wall of censorship
'Hot' US intelligence expert joins CIA
The Soviet bear growls again over Polish developments
Decontrol may shave from $3 to $4 billion off federal budget deficit
Max Friedersdorf
To stop those grim global trends
Protection from personal violence
Moscow's baggage at Madrid
How Republicans can avoid an 'economic Dunkirk'
Why decontrol will hurt less now
Getting that impact in line before you swing for the fairway
Ted Kennedy keeps presidency in sights despite setbacks
Born of the earth
Consensus eludes Muslim leaders
Labor will lobby Congress for jobs, synfuels
OPEC worries about coming world oil glut -- but it's too late to save US from 10 cent price rise
Home furnishings; Sleek 'motion chairs' update clumsy recliners
Japan, Canada team up to develop Canadian coal
How to cut gas use: keep going?
Through a sea of ice
Another big walkout in Poland

Ashford putting her sprint style to a delayed world test
Harvard business grads: $31,000/yr. and counting
Athelstan Spilhaus
Iraq hits Iran oil targets; including Kharg complex
Reagan urged to keep grain embargo
The depth of permanence

Prime interest rate slips below 20% in Buffalo
Prayer unbounded
Esposito's on-the-ice glory is history, but managing still beckons
Ring out, ring in

Heavy US rearing effort called for by Weinberger
Brick ovens, antique books: cooking at Sturbridge
Esme puts the exotic flavor of Tobago in her spicy roti
A West Bank Jewish town is promised by Begin
Do-it-yourself framing: easy to learn skills save money
The US 'chip' industry: long on marvels, short on people
First Things first
Swiss block $2 million of late Shah's assets
Vietnam says it might pull some troops in Cambodia
It's fantastic to be an American
That funny woman who makes you think as well as laugh

The year looked good, but inflation buffeted insurance firms in 1980

Political sparks in South Africa
Why Reagan didn't invite Taiwanese to inaugural
West German economists see possible recession
Gulf neighbors eye Kuwait election campaign
Rich and chocolaty pots de creme
EC and US buffet Japan with calls to ease exports