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Monitor Archive for January 28, 1981

US agencies' $14 billion side-door lender: a squeeze play
Northern Ireland towns hit by an IRA blitz
Kids can learn from the incredible egg
Kudos for Carter . . . and other things
Rising unemployment tests Britain's stiff upper lip
Polish Politburo ready to discuss union demands
Gold is failing as a hedge against inflation; silver, rare coins, stamps -- same story
JAVA: Can big-city progress make it to the villages?
Greece, US holding talks on the tab for US bases
How Reagan is setting new tone in US foreign policy
Autry the horse-trader keeps roping in talent
How Wagner is faring these days at the Met
Buying a home ahead
Kremlin hopes to win second round of Madrid security conference
Burma drops isolation, offers to mediate in Cambodia crisis
Things go poorly for Coca-Cola project to grow fruit in Egypt
Zambian labor strife erupts in violence
America turns a corner: President Reagan maps economic recovery plans, as ex-hostages help the nation look ahead
With Iraqi forces inside Iran: eyewitness report
The Feast of Fraternity
911: Who'll rescue all-purpose emergency number?
Florida's Shipwrecks; Who owns the treasure?
Supply-side economics should not mean bailouts or protectionism
Jobs outlook like 1980's
Desertion charge dropped but Garwood faces others
Britain approves Murdoch for buying Times papers
Should India change its parliamentary system?
Super-battle over some soda pop; The Cola Wars, by J. C. Louis and Harvey Z. Yazijian. New York: Everest House.
Carter and his wife both planning books
Meeting the risks of cameras in the courtroom
A story reaching the heart of India; Clear Light of Day, By Anita Desai. New York: Harper & Row. $11.95.
Friend of the World
'Acceptable risk' -- the meaning varies according to investor's goals
'Window blankets?'
Sinking of Indonesian ocean liner puts new focus on ship safety reforms
Italy may pursue charge that East bloc arms rebels
The oldest life on Earth leads scientists on a wild fossil chase
Communicating with a stockbroker
Crux of Poland's crisis -- erosion of the Communist Party
Salvadorans say 2 planes from nearby lands bagged
Crime prevention
Moments so moving that some couldn't watch
From a writer's view
Iranian companies look to new trade with US
Kirkpatrick: firm voice at UN
Wood savings: burn the smoke, too
UN fair
Hostages to adoring Americans: you're 'strong'; you have 'heart'
British diary: a correspondent comes in from the cold
US strategic HQ staging big A-retaliation test
America turns a corner: President Reagan maps economic recovery plans, as ex-hostages help the nation look ahead
Does this kind of fellow really play the demon barber of Fleet Street?
On the joy of puzzles
Chrysler must rein in debt before Mitsubishi will talk
Downhill is different on cross-country skis
Islamic nations back plan for boycott on Jerusalem
A boat show hints of upturn in sagging sales
How some folks use hot water from the ground
Indochina's Communists seek talks with neighbors
Anybody's Moment
Children of our time