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Monitor Archive for January 27, 1981

Moscow has a 'rapid deployment force,' too
Poland's censors let more cameras roll
Municipal bonds for small investors
Reasons and goals are key questions in selecting the right fund
High price tag could scuttle current MX basing plan

France: No. 3 arms merchant to the world
A man who pokes at inflation with one-liners on merits of money funds

New 'bottle bills' face crucial test in months ahead
Egypt's overtures to PLO weighed by both sides
Skiing in Finland: 'I was the only non-Finn in the forest'
Ruling lets TV eye keep peering into courtrooms
Growing East-West tensions squeeze nonaligned nations

Open house in Philadelphia
Iran regime hit by dissent at home
S. Africa's Botha tiptoes as rightists block change, blacks grow restive
Nearly 200 Believed killed in South African flooding
Civil-rights groups blast British citizenship bill
Warsaw unionists plan strike to win Saturdays
Black weekly in S. Africa to come out as a daily
With all we are -- ?

Happier days are here again; Funds looking forward to Reagan prospects
Guru of the money funds shares some useful help for the small saver; William E. Donoghue's Complete Money Market Guide, by William E. Donoghue with...
Bergland plea: retarget help to US farms
That Bulgarian grandma of mine
Poland's need: a public dialogue
Does the Treasury push the credit markets around?
Oakland's comeback boys waltz into the championship
Algerians may be asked to mediate in Gulf war
'Computer dating' produces high-yield milk cows
High tech' gains altitude for aggressive funds
Iranian Kurds reported hitting Iranian troops
Income funds often helped investors head off inflation
White collar crime: moral, economic indicator?
Money-market funds surge to new marks
Federal fuel aid falls far short of meeting need of US poor
The many masks of modern art
Dispute over census tallies could muddle states' redistricting efforts
Stockman: man with a mission
'CBS Wednesday Night Movie': how not to handle an important issue
Japan, No. 1 automaker, is asked to help Chrysler
Venture-Capital funds link small investor looking for a growth company
How to cut the budget
Moscow orders farm drive to bolster lagging crops
Czechoslovak regime tries to stifle dissent
93%, 76%, 74% . . . three small growth funds led the 1980 earnings pack
Rethink federal pensions
US industry -- who should get government aid?
The power of plenty
High interest, high liquidity draw cash to money funds
Banks want Congress to let them share in money market mutuals
Mannequin look-alikes mirror top fashion trend-setters
How fare those funds that let social conscience be their guide
Shakespeare's bustin' out all over
First US deepwater oil port nearly complete
A day of prayer
Shakespeare's bustin' out all over; 'The Recruiting Officer'; Play by George Farquhar. Presented by BAM Theater Company at the Brooklyn Academy of M...