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Monitor Archive for January 26, 1981

Union leaders in Zambia urge miners back to work
Warsaw -- no barricades, no marches, but rumbling under surface calm
They weren't all that bad
Ways to spruce up walls with stenciling, fabrics, paper
Soviets launch spaceship to dock with craft in orbit
Sentencing the 'gang of four' -- and inching toward the rule of law?
Oasis in bloom
R&D turns upward in US
At Museum of London 'Real' history lives
With Super Bowl settled, comes another showdown
What happens when the Job Corps goes to college?
Waltzing with Moscow: Republicans do it better
Verdict on Mao's wife 'too lenient'?
Reagan style smooths first days in officeReagan style smooths first days in office
Israeli regime pushes West Bank settlements
Are we becoming a nation of gamblers?
S. Africa's delays on Namibia spark UN wrath
Sweden takes strong measures to curb rising alcohol and drug abuse
Yugoslavia: coping, not splintering, after a year without Tito
World of light and shadow
Businesswomen keep travel agents busy
Stained glass: medieval 'cartoons' can spur special projects for kids
Art school and the 'real world': strong link needed
One foreign student's report from Beijing (Peking)
Israel faces possible Bedouin-Druze clash over murder of Arab sheikh
Reagan luster tarnishes a bit on the stock market
Just a little ping pong goes a long, long way
Don't bust the trustbusters
Home at last: hostages told a tale of abuse -- and survival
Fancy figures trotted out to say, 'Hold the money'
Dole: most powerful woman
Nkomo guerrillas spark violence in rival area
Iraqi officers claim key passes seized
Rare challenge to Oxford's 1,000-member English faculty
New Abscam twist: probe of federal tactics
Lifting of martial law in South Korea paves way for Fifth Republic
Reagan's move east opens up competition to fill the vacuum at head of California GOP
Soviets using Afghan invasion as combat lab
'Not enough for a real rootin' game,'
From Hitler's Germany how not to teach
Reagan's first guest
At first, I thought it was only the degree that mattered
'The Bunker': a tiresome drama you can't blame on Hitler
Labour Party split jolts British political system
Former hostages at West Point: an All-American 'welcome home'
Iran may yet pay its IOUs -- at 100 cents on dollar
'A place of hearing' deep in the heart of Africa
Attention Peccary Men and Women!; Look to your bones
How you can help feed a hungry zoo
Up the Downslope
A claim for yacht China seized
Zurich police break up riot of young protesters
Regional primaries: answer to voter apathy in presidential elections?
Coal-fired floating power plants proposed off Japan
US Nicaraguan aid only 'on hold'
European Community jumps back into Mideasts's geopolitical whirlpool
The advantage of prayer
Federal hiring freeze backdated to Nov. 5
In search of students and funds for London School of Economics
Tactics US colleges use to lure foreign students questioned
Islamic nations convene; Iran, others stay away
Soviets make hostage accord an early, stiff test for Reagan
Now is the time for all US teachers to get untongue-tied
West's dry winter is boon to Mt. St. Helens's neighbors