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Monitor Archive for January 23, 1981

Whatever's on the hit list, a budget flight is brewing
US urged to honor Iran pact
Waldheim criticizes Iran for treatment of hostages
FAA, pilots agree: air safety still needs improvement

Honoring America's word
Salvadoran rebels renew attacks on junta troops
California Democrats see GOP tide pulling them under
Respect ex-hostages' privacy, experts urge
Signs hopeful in coal talks
Super Bowl may match its buildup
The garbage crisis
The unkindest cut of all
The Kennedy's divorce: What about '82 -- or '84?
Libyan and Chad leaders may be revising 'merger'
Reagan push: austerity at home, leverage abroad; Will hiring ban work?
Sitting-around talk
Imagine, Brussels sprouts on cabbage stems

What's in a name? Big money
Shop-floor pressures boil up against Polish regime
18 charged by grand jury in alleged Synanon kidnap
Reagan push: austerity at home, leverage abroad; Arms for third world
Woman writer ushered in at Academie Francaise
Veni, Vidi, Video

How to land a real estate bargain at a tax-delinquent sale
Baldrige a blend of East, West
Condominium buying: basic principles apply
Sag in roof could mean trouble

Improving efficiency of the fireplace
Reagan push: austerity at home, leverage abroad
The seed catalog -- harbinger of the opulence of spring and summer
Shakespeare's 'Shrew': lots of fun -- even if some say it's sexist

No time to spare in cutting inflation, Burns warns

Charity 'industry' chafes under growing regulation
Murdoch the winner in Times bid
Britain struggles to maintain defense despite recession
Will the general lose his job?
2 prominent Protestants killed in Northern Ireland
President Reagan's opportunities
Reagan's invitation to Chun melts chill with S. Korea
In gray Moscow, a longing for garish billboards
Egypt sees threat to Sudan after Libyan push into Chad
Nonwhite school boycott at an end in South Africa
Moscow says US conflict with Iran will go on
James River Valley
Solving squeaks in new house
Hostage release = new oil policy
Opportunities for progress
Horne excels in 'L' Italiana
South Africa's misguided ban on a black newspaper