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Monitor Archive for January 20, 1981

Eroding share of world nickel market deals a blow to Sudbury miners
Practical intuition
Marcos transfers powers to interim Assembly
Two Poems
Japan to Reagan administration: be 'patient' on defense, trade issues
Newest steel technology built this modern Canadian smelting plant
Inauguration: unprecedented twin drama
11th-hour drama: why Iran kept US waiting until Reagan inauguration
Trouble in the bond market: a plea to nip inflation
Why Algeria was apt choice as intermediary on hostages
Enjoying and sharing life's blessings
Transport a big industry
Two reasons Oakland hopes to snare the Eagles
Ontario pushes hard to encourage its holidaying citizens to 'stay home'
Damaged oil installations high on Iraqi repair list
The mantle of US leadership cloaks new shoulders for the 40th time
Iran offers oil at bargain price -- but risk is loosing a ship
Hostage wife: quiet talk, new tennis racquet
Hardly steel industry looks to exports and domestic energy projects
A 'Silicon Valley' takes shape with bustling high-tech firms
A factory in the works for soft-drink 'sugar'
Three Louisiana girls plan to enroll in private school
Black marketeers in the chips as semiconductor theft rises

Chrysler gets $400 million in loan panel backing
Carter DOT budget aimed to boost Interstate, Coast Guard, transit
Toronto borrows a line from the 'Big Apple'
New Light on rich-poor gap
Bell: soft-spoken 'good soldier'

Sri Lanka: one country -- two nations
Canada, sharing in auto slump, hopes for looser ties with US industry
British dirigibles to soar out of western Canada
Sperry may build frigates near Ottawa
Iran-Iraq war bogs down in rain, conflicting claims
How some hostages survived ordeal
Americana featured at New York show
Political folly and bravery
On frosty Florida and the price of bell peppers
Italian spotlight turns from rightist to leftist terrorism
Industry sweetens incentives for taking early retirement
Ontario -- Canada's Saar -- jogs ahead despite slump
Sadat said to be critical of US role with hostages

Backers of ERA protest against Reagan's stand
US reported ready to buy more oil for its reserve
Enjoying, and sharing, life's blessings
Polish union bends on Saturday work
Witness protection program doles out new problems
Two Poems
Will Republicans gain in 1982? No
Scotland looks for ways to share in Shetland Islands North Sea oil wealth
USSR to Reagan: SALT warning
Reagan's energy plan is likely to fuel a jump in prices at the pump
Book chronicles early collectors of American antiques; The Antiquers, by Elizabeth Stillinger. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $16.95.
Poland offers specific, limited economic reforms
THE INAUGURAL . . . from Virginia's George Washington to California's Ronald Reagan
The art that learned discretion at an early age
Across-the-border grid supplies power to US, profit to Ontario Hydro