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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1981

Mr. Nixon's opportunity
Ulster: the Thatcher touch
Transit riders feel 'token' pinch in '81

Energy-efficient town to leap off the drawing board
Niger expels staff of Libyan Embassy
Bastions of S. African conservatism urge another look at apartheid

China to go it alone in building A-plants?
Pierce: achiever, not activist
Where telephone books and tinfoil are luxuries
American genius for landscapes
A pig tale Eeyore would like; The Pig Plantaganet, by Allen Andrews, with drawings by Michael Foreman. New York: The Viking Press. $10.95.
Courage, humor -- alive and well on the ranch; The Ranchers: A Book of Generations, by San Steiner. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.
Common Market probes antitrust charges against IBM
NAACP warns that racism is on the increase in US
Conservation cuts cost of cold snap along East Coast
Thais begin pitch for US arms
US. urged: help Earth from getting too warm

Nudging the budget
Weather: a new period of extremes?
Wilmington: a community pulls together to make busing work
Drawing the line in different ways
Congress and Reagan must work together
How Iran's leaders view war with Iraq
Four ways to improve America's foreign intelligence
World's oldest democracy ponders joining the UN
Dublin plans a big push in transport, TV, industry
Alberta's plants vs. Saskatchewan's planting
Manufacturers key in to furniture needs for apartment dwellers
Spain's Eurocommunists lose out to pro-Soviets
S. African TV cameraman killed in Salvadoran blast
100 Polish factories struck over the use of riot police
Israel struggles to scale down soaring military costs
'Dallas' and its spinoffs signal the sad state of commercial network TV
From mice to men? On cloning and the challenge of the new biology
How the surprise Raiders nailed down Super Bowl berth
Namibia talks collapse as South Africa balks
Survival fashions for skiing where the arctic winds blow
'The Deer Hunter'
Social security for divorcee
More alike than we think
Reagan's post-hostage view of Iran: conciliation possible
A more efficient heating system
W. Germany debates policy on selling tanks to Saudis
Making the mudane not so dull; From a Limestone Ledge, by John Graves. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $11.95.
Marcos to lift martial law, but tight control to remain

Space shuttle Orbiter waits patiently to fly -- in reality
An epiphany in a garden
Radiant glass heat -- one way to cut excessive heat cost
DIC insurance: backing is strong but hard assets are good, too
The end of the road?
The Monitor's daily religious article; Out of the backwater
From Politburo to peasant: five rank's of society and privilege
Career first priority for teen women
Iraq says it has stemmed Iran's counteroffensive

Cairo-Moscow ties fray; Sadat favors an EC role