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Monitor Archive for January 13, 1981

Night Words
Icy burrow
School desegregation -- a job about half done
Snow draws Europe to a standstill

Why joblessness is expected to rise during Reagan administration
'Alice' and 'Pirates' -- two lively Victorian treasures; 'The Pirates of Penzance' Comic opera by Gilbert and SullivanAlice in Concert; Musical adap...
'Monarchists' help rule republican Portugal
Zimbabwe Cabinet shift bolsters Mugabe
Reagan will keep close tabs on public image
Why Iran at last may say 'yes' on hostages; Leaders seem ready to risk hard decision to conclude a deal with US on release
Prove your freedom
Bank cards show small decline
A cheap way to stay in the BIG APPLE
News for the Traveler
A cheap way to stay in the BIG APPLE
Louisiana judge asks that 3 be reenrolled
Japanese labor faces spring wage drive in Wintry mood
Feminine beauty: defining an enigma
Key Turkish terror group is broken up, police say
The threatened land
Hyperinflation hype
Iran claims more gains in a drive against Iraq
Jailed guerrillas warned on fate of Italian judge
The Kissinger problem
Harlem Dance Theater: the one that had Paris swooning
There's new clout behind the drive for prison reform in US
BUSING -- Worth the effort?
Pentagon officer slams US strategy in Vietnam
Reagan is criticized for not naming a Hispanic
'I yam what I yam' with spinach on the side
The Kremlin's divide-and-conquer ideology
An isolated giant; suspicious, insecure, cunning
Why Iran at last may say 'yes' on hostages; An inside look at how fundamentalism is shaping Islamic revolution's political system
Cowboy duds at home on the range -- in New York
Wrong-and right-ways to fight heroin
Trouble down on Poland's farms: peasants want aid -- and union, too
9 US warplanes blown up at Puerto Rican base
Israel's Peres waits in wings as government change looms
The many masks of modern art
Lewis: an action-oriented trouble-shooter
Namibian leader says status is up to a vote
Salvadoran guerrilla push falters
Iran leader moves to outwit opponents, free hostages
Reagan's low-key transition keeps Washington guessing
Cathlamet, Washington: just a little, old fashioned, all-American town
Eagles growl to victory
Chrysler union offers new rescue concessions
Women in transition
Martial law to be lifted before S. Korea election
Power struggle is denied by Deng, touting stability
'Alice' and 'Pirates' -- two lively Victorian treasures
'Alice' and 'Pirates' -- two lively Victorian treasures
Romania barters for world's goods