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Monitor Archive for September 30, 1980

Century-old structure begins new career as art museum
Small-plane manufacturer climbs into big business the state agencies involved

Old heritage and new hospitality build vibrant tourism
Institute pushes research to cope with energy scarcity
What Friends, foes -- and the record -- disclose about the Republican star who would be president
A court case produces a prosperous gas company
Poland's unionists call ministrike to goad Warsaw
Septober song
Even gas-rich Texans discover advantages in use of coals
Ex-South African official cleared of misusing funds
West Europeans to spell out precise terms for Mideast settlement
Underdog Strauss keeps up his lively campaign

Asia oil supply: OK -- unless Gulf war widens
Poets' Olympics
Training people for new industries
A city angling for conventioneers is busy adding rooms for them
Fall in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin: foliage tours, antiques, apple picking
Image-minded US House may oust bribe taker
Nuclear weapons: seeing is believing
Navy payroll computers don't know the ropes
'Small' computer company often leads giants in the pack
Turkey's new government gets IMF vote of support
S. Africa indicates nuclear weapon capability
5 neo-Nazis are freed in Munich bomb case
Sioux leaders await study in Black Hills settlement
Latvians eye Polish 'reforms' with envy
Why Egyptians chase chickens on Saad Zaghloul St.
Cleveland schools start final integration smoothly
Composition: Driftwood dinosaur, with gulls and San Francisco skyline
New York -- a tilt to Carter, but Anderson, Javits may upset balance
Drought slows the pace of rebuilding beef herds
Spies in a free society
Death penalty not excluded at 'gang of four' trial
A conductor who's adept at rousing corporate brass to give vital funds
Zia carries peace call to Baghdad
S. Dakota -- Will McGovern liberalism be plowed under?
Doing business here -- a balance sheet
Hispanic voters develop growing voice in city's political, economic affairs
Botha's 'dangerous gamble': risking right-wing ire to promote council
Letting forgiveness happen; Writer Laurens van der Post
Portugal's October election holds key to nation's democratic future
1. From humble beginnings
Third world gains a little in money men's parley
How much can a president do anyway?

The solar industry -- most of it, anyway -- seems ready for sunny future
What you can give
40,000 government clerks go on strike in Canada
Her art is for the sea and sky
Singles in the housing market; Ten points for prospective home purchasers
Massachusetts -- a 'Democratic' state looks undecided
Harte-Hanks a Texas-size communications chain
Jaworski to head 'Democrats for Reagan"
Baseball's top managers
'Round 2' could put Iraq on top in centuries-old Arab-Persian war
A Pentagon-like insurance HQ that serves the military
Where's the recession?; Economic skies bright deep in heart of Texas
Motor-inn chain caters to the business traveler
City outdraws Houston in number of conventions
Singles in the housing market; Successful buying depends on doing your homework
US door closing on Haitian refugees; Those already here could face deportation
Two Dutch museums: Van Gogh in a green park; "A Bridge Too Far"
Boston world cities conference: mayors fish for answers to urban problems, end up in shallows