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Monitor Archive for September 26, 1980

Why more insulation over unused rooms?
East German railroad strike runs out of steam in Berlin
S. Korean chief to solidfy power
Computers won't soon displace people; after all, say experts, they're only inhuman
Gulf war goes on, but tankers still run
Opposition legislator rearrested in Philippines
The Mossad -- a long arm across Israel's border

Oil boom lets Alaska wipe out income tax
Myers says he'll fight House effort to expel him
US wide shift in census ordered
Uranium sale refuels nuclear debate
War with Iraq: last stand for the mullahs?
Waging peace
Carter campaign can't shake off dogged Anderson
What new delay in Chicago school case means
Earthworm rates gold star for its work in the garden
PLO role at World Bank splits US, Arabs; oil states may withhold funds for projects

Checking war

Two killed in Tokyo in heavy earthquake Tokyo
What's in a name?
Explosiveness: stilled by Christ
Why labor opposes 'sunset' legislation as now written
Smaller companies to the fore as investors watch 'energy play'
Dwarf fruit trees are novel houseplants -- if your house is large enough

Selling the Yellow House
The true democracy
Hard road back to detente, despite progress at UN
Polish experts watch for critical Kremlin moves

What! Still another BBC invasion?
Painting, sculpture, and jokes: one collector's special view
N. Korea halts unity effort with jab at South's leader
Some free enterprisers who insist on no subsidies

Chimney soil means cleaning, no extra flue
The wind as prima donna
Presidential ballot to have Libertarian in all 50 states
Absentees now fewer
Iraq sits on bigger war chest than Iran
Actors OK tentative script for terms with producers

Political-action committees push hard in Senate races