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Monitor Archive for September 24, 1980

Keeping in touch
Politicking in 'enemy' territory; Reagan: on the attack in 'Carter country'
FRANCE the height of international intrigue; Pais copes with a new kind of spy
UN Security Council ready to act on Iran-Iraq conflict
US speaks softly on Iran-Iraq conflict, with hostages in mind
'Shogun' pushed NBC to the top last week
The Lions' No. 1 draft pick is off and galloping
Solar power for cooling purposes
Politicking in 'enemy' territory; Carter: Uphill battle in Reagan's stronghold
Congress weighs safegaurd for US service industries
S. Africa pushes backward Ciskei toward 'independence'
The computer revolution -- work, school, play, all in your home
Michael O'Keefe -- today's darling of the media
Grocery bills push up price index
Polish unions face court test: socialist enough?
Smiling balloons
Balloon crew has to play prudent kind of 'Chicken'
Maine voters swarm polls on A-plant closure issue
Buying a wood stove? Tips on cutting wood
Waiting fr democracy in Brazil
Making the world safe for the right to know
House OKs bill to curb searches of new rooms
Two poets in a cloud of unknowing; Ways of Light, by Richard Eberhart. New York: Oxford University Press. $11.95 .; Being Here, by Robert Penn Warre...
Indians feel eerie deja vu in Gandhi's detention law
Suga: styling for simplicity
Of steam engines and electric cars
Zimbabwe tightrope: bolstering business while pressing socialist goals
Warhead from explosion to be inspected in Texas
Why public-school teachers are finding it easier to strike
Attic ventilation has a big role in properly insulating house
How smart is smart enough?
State asks probation for Soviet dissident
Northern Hemisphere gazer's guide
Picnic time: come one, come all
'80 black vote -- no sure thing for the President
Leave Cambodia's UN chair empty
Eliminating obstacles
Striking Berlin railwaymen ejected from control areas
Trading in penny stocks

Leak of choking gas checked in Colorado
Iran-Iraq conflict threatens Gulf's oil-producing areas
World oil stocks high, but US reserve still lags
Getting the old sales pitch -- in Peking!
Anderson: Carter memo warns banks of loan risk
Israelis worry that Soviets may gain from Iran-Iraq feud
Another Atlantis myth exploded
Purchasing gold coins
Retired couple with big house might rent it instead of selling
Belgian machine gun passes a test for US use
Storm in the Gulf