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Monitor Archive for September 22, 1980

Carter, Reagan hustle to bolster bids in key states
Sound advice for the college-bound
About My House
Cruise skipper: dealing smoothly with the unexpected
S. Fierz of Queen's College -- 'We're warmer and jollier'
New Turkish leader forms Cabinet; security tightens
No 'smoking gun' in Senate probe of Billy Carter deals
Signal from a busy Wall Street: Does it mean recession is over?
US, Canadian post offices begin a high-speed setup
Teen volunteers give time, talent
Scarlet ibises, white egrets, on a balmy tropical evening
Iran, Iraq, and Algeria join Emirates in an oil cutback
Traveling by Boat, not Bus
Soviet soldier who sought asylum leaves US mission
N.Y. transit risks US aid with handicapped ruling
Uganda puts off touchy elections
No danger from Titan warhead seen by US Defense Department

Reagan's avowed Republicanism: an asset?
Boston hosts 'great cities'
Squatting on Europe's urban frontier
'The play's the thing'
The first day back after a strike -- 'it won't be the same'

'Bank' report tells of '70s challenges
Great cities of the world: planning for the 21st century
Better control design may mean fewer nuclear accidents

Muskie and the nukes
Carter's Campaign tone
Behind Iran-Iraq rift: a 1975 pact
Soviet dissidents laud Polish workers, defy KGB, crackdown
Servas -- a letter of introduction to another culture
Monarch Butterfly
Children in the fast lane
Monetary summit excludes PLO
iran's oil wealth may be imperiled by fighting
Art that stays a while
For a cozy vacation, rent an enchantingly Irish thatched cottage
Poles see no sign of Soviet troop activity near border
She sings lyrics of affirmation for women
Comfortable, economic options for the overseas traveler
The Crillion: a hotel with a history
Stocks resist profit takers to keep 'spring' rally going
The global struggle for power; Who's who in the world of espionage
Phone calls can be an important link between kids and working moms
Soviets launch space capsule with propaganda weapon aboard
Israel to hand West Bank, Gaza to Jordan if Labor wins next election
Rower bests Atlantic but defers to channel
Lakers will be tough again
So you are moving
Carter's urban policy in trouble over funding
'To see oursels'